Sunday, December 14, 2014

Congratulations to my Best Friend, and Apparently My New Sister


Last night, I had an absolute BLAST attending the wedding reception of my very best friend, Sanity.  She and her new husband eloped last month in Vegas and celebrated with a reception for friends and family last night.  So, it was quite fitting that the theme for their reception was Vegas.  

For the entire evening we ate amazing food, drank, and danced around the dance floor just like the school girls we were when we first met.  I got to meet some of their wonderful family, and I even got to see Hope for the first time in about a year.  If you remember, Hope was the third Amigo in our college trio.  She had a baby about six months ago, and I hate the fact that I still haven't seen him.  That's completely my fault, but I need to do something about that STAT!

I got the chance to meet some amazing people, and also see some of the family members that I already knew but haven't seen in a while.  I loved the fact that Sanity's mom gave me a big hug when I first got there.  I love that woman, I really do.  She threw Sanity a graduation party when we graduated college, and since then her and I have been friends on Facebook and she's kept up with what's going on in my life.  She knows how much I really care for her daughter, and that I consider them my family.

Speaking of family, I was completely shocked with how many people asked me if I was Sanity's sister.  I mean, we've gotten quite accustomed to it over the years from complete strangers, but I was tickled by how many family friends and people from her husband's side of the family that thought I was her sister.  In their defense, she does have a sister that wasn't able to attend the reception, so I'm not that surprised they thought I was her.  I mean, look at us!  There's definitely some uncanny resemblance there.  Look at our photo from the day we graduated college...

It's been three and a half years since that photo was taken, and we still have the same smiles.  Of course, the shape of my face has changed a little, HA!  This picture sits on my desk along with another photo taken with Sanity and Hope.  My students have all asked me if she is my sister, and I've been asked the same by teachers and other visitors to my classroom that have seen the photo.  

Last night, after the third or fourth person asked us, Sanity decided to start saying yes to the question.  We laughed about it, but in actuality the girl is just like a sister to me.  She's always been there for me when I needed her, and I couldn't ask for a better sister, really.

We reminisced, last night, about the conversations we had about when Sanity first met the guy that she is now married to.  We would giggle like school girls over how she felt about him, and I remembered how much he made me laugh when I first got to meet him.  We remembered how exciting it was when they first moved in together, and the times we've shared since then.  For some reason, it really meant a lot to me that I had been with her every step of the way through her journey of them first meeting, dating, moving in, and finally getting married.  It was what I had always thought about really, when it came to having a real best friend.  Sharing those special moments together and being able to look back and laugh at what we've been through together means so much to me.  

The whole night was awesome, and I had so much fun.  I am so happy for Sanity and her new husband.  I think he's absolutely perfect for her, and they'll be very happy together for the rest of their lives.  And now that we're officially "sisters", she needs to hurry up and start working on giving me a little niece or nephew to start spoiling.  I can just see it now, Hubby staying home with my kids and her new Hubby staying home with their new baby while we go out and hit the town just like we've always done.  We'll never be too old for it, I can guarantee that!  HA!

One day, if I ever get married, I know that Sanity will be standing right next to me through the whole thing.  I wouldn't mind doing the whole eloping thing, but if I opt for a more traditional wedding, Sanity will be at my side as my Matron of Honor.  We will then giggle like school girls about the times Hubby and I have gone through, and all the nights he stayed home and babysat while she and I hit the town.  

I couldn't ask for a better "sister".  She is my best friend, my partner in crime, my sister from another mother, and I will always cherish the memories we have and the memories that are yet to be made.  I am so very happy for her, and can't wait for the new adventures that her and her new husband will take.  

So, my dear Sanity, I love you, girl.  Congratulations on meeting the man of your dreams and for getting him to put a ring on it.  ;)  You deserve all the happiness and joy in the world, and I know that you will continue to have it with the wonderful man that is now your husband.

Have a great Sunday, everyone!


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