Friday, December 05, 2014

Jelly is 7 Today!!

Today is Jelly's 7th birthday.  Time sure does fly by, that's for sure.  It feels like only last year I was changing the girl's diapers and laughing hysterically at all of her funny faces that she used to make.  But, now she's in 1st grade and growing up so terribly fast.  Even though she will always be my baby, she's definitely no baby anymore.  She's well over 4 ft tall, and has a giant personality to match her giant height.

My baby girl never ceases to amaze me with how grown up she really is.  The child will make her own breakfast, and has been able to for a couple of years.  She fixes her own sandwiches, drinks, and knows her way around the kitchen better than I do.  She still likes for me to pick out her clothes each morning, but won't hesitate to inform me if something doesn't match or if she'd rather wear something else.  She has the singing voice of an angel, and I love to listen to her belt away in the car to every song that comes on the radio.  She learns the words to songs almost instantly, and that's something she's done since she was a baby.  

What I really love about this age, though, is the fact that she still wants to curl up with me on the couch to snuggle or wants me to tuck her in at night, but is perfectly content playing in her bedroom or outside by herself.  She's half independent woman, half small child.  She acts her age sometimes and sometimes I swear she's turning in to a teenager before my very eyes. 

Jelly has a true heart of gold, and I love the fact that she's so caring and compassionate.  Every day, after school, she loves playing with her little friend Emma, and she is always worrying about making sure Emma is happy.  If Jelly has a snack, Emma has to have one too.  If Emma wants to color, Jelly does too.  If Emma has to go home early, Jelly is sad and lonely.  It amazes me how much she loves thinking she's taking care of Emma, or that Emma even needs taking care of (she doesn't, but Jelly likes to think so).  

Jelly is the same way when it comes to animals.  She absolutely adores anything with fur, but she's partial to her cats.  She treats her cat like a baby, and thankfully the cat doesn't mind.  It's not surprising to see Jelly walking around with her cat cradled in her arms, wrapped in a blanket, just like a baby.  

I also think that Jelly is exactly one half of me and one half of Hubby.  She can be extremely social one minute, and a recluse another minute.  She's outgoing and friendly to some, and shy and quiet with others.  Some weekends, she wants to go out and do something, while other weekends she wants to stay home with her dad.  She loves writing and playing video games.  Like I said, a perfect combo of both Hubby and me.

As much as I'd love to sit here and continue writing about my baby girl, I need to go and wake her up. I'm sure she's going to want to open her presents and cards before she goes to school, so I need to make sure we have time to do that.  I had to stop and buy cupcakes and candy for her class to take to school today, and she's so darned excited to share them with her friends.  

This evening, we'll have cake and make some plans of how we'll celebrate her birthday this weekend.  Can't wait!

Have a great Friday, everyone!!

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