Tuesday, December 09, 2014

My Grown Up Christmas List


I figured I'd better get my letter written to you, Santa, like I do around this time each year.  It feels like time is passing so quickly, that if I don't do it now you might not receive a letter from me this year.  It seems like each year I get busier and busier right before Christmas, so I have decided to stop and send you my Christmas wishes for this year... while you still have some time to read them.

First off, let me start by saying thank you for all the wonderful memories you have given me over the years.  My oldest two children stopped believing in you a few years ago, but they allow your spirit to live on in our house for little Jelly.  She's been dying to write your Christmas letter, and this weekend I've promised her that we'll sit down and do it.  I also need to prepare the video that you always send to her, because she's also noticed she hasn't received that.  

It doesn't bother me one bit that I don't get any credit for the gifts my kids receive for Christmas.  Well, any credit for Jelly's gifts.  I am totally fine with her thinking that all I did was send you a note telling you some of the things she wants, or you relying solely on the letter she sends to you.  A part of my Christmas magic comes from sitting up with her on Christmas Eve watching the NORAD app to see where you're currently delivering gifts, and then her rushing to bed when she thinks you're getting close.  I love how she justifies how many cookies to leave you, the treats that she picks out for the reindeer, and how she gives our cats a stern talking to before going to bed to make sure they stay away from your Egg Nog.  Another part of my Christmas magic comes from the look on her face, Christmas morning, when she sees the goodies that she thinks you left for her.  I love hearing every squeal of excitement as she opens her gifts and yells "How did Santa know I wanted this?  I didn't even write it on my letter!"   I love the fact that she always wants to write you a letter AFTER Christmas to thank you for all the wonderful toys, clothes, and candies she gets.  

This year, I intend for the magic to be just as exciting, and I can't wait.

But, there are a few things I'd like to ask for.  A few things I have on my list that I think should get some attention, being that I've done so much for you over the years in making sure that your spirit lives on in my household.

First off, I want you to know I've got my house covered.  You don't need to worry about thing here.  What I ask is that you somehow, someway, find a way to deliver some Christmas magic to all of the students in my class.  I have some of the most amazing kiddos that have rekindled a flame inside of me and make me want to be a better teacher and a better person every, single day.  They deserve to have a good Christmas, because they have some of the sweetest hearts.  They are kind, caring, compassionate, and they give me everything they have when I know that life is tough for some of them.  I push them, hard, yet they never give up and continue to amaze me with their vigor and grit.  I love each and every one of them, and could really use a little help delivering to them the kind of Christmas I think they deserve, but may not get.  I will do what I can on my end, but I really could use some help from you... if you can.

Second, while I put my own students on the top of the list, I know that there are many kids in our school that deserve the same delivery of Christmas magic as my students.  You see, I teach in a school that is made up of kiddos that have a rough life.  Poverty, absent parents, abuse, and neglect are things that rear their ugly heads far too often in the lives of some of our kiddos, and it's just not right.  The faculty and staff at our school do what we can to make sure that these kids are loved, cared for, and are safe while with us, but I sure would like it if they could be given some peace and protection while we're away from school.  I have the honor and privilege of seeing these amazing kids each and every day, and it always amazes me how truly wonderful they are with everything they have to go through.  It would be great if the shield of love that we put around these kiddos while they are with us each day can be extended and placed over them while we're away from each other for two weeks.

Next, I really would love it if you can put a little something extra under the trees of each and every teacher and faculty member that work with these amazing kids each day, and have some input in to the fact that the kids are doing so well.  We work so hard, and our hard work is definitely evident with each and every smile we encounter from the students we see in the halls and in our classrooms.  You would never believe that some of our kiddos have such hard lives stepping in to just about any classroom in our building, and that's because of the love and support we give our students.  Miracles happen on a daily basis at our school, and the teachers go above and beyond to make those miracles happen.  I know that these amazing people are always putting their students first, and sacrifice a lot to make sure that these kids are receiving the best education, the most love, and the best care that can be given.  I'm quite sure that many teachers, before laying their head down at night, pray for their students.  We pray for their comfort, their safety, and their health.  We pray that we can do everything we can for them, and that we can continue making such progress with these amazing kids.  Our prays are often answered, and it would be nice if the amazing people I work with got a little something to show them how much they've done and will continue doing each and every day.

And finally, I'd love it if you could do a little something for all the wonderful family that I have.  P-Momma, Peanut's grandparents, Kyle, Melonie, and all of Peanut's family that have accepted us ALL as family.  They all deserve a little something to thank them for being such amazing people.  I may not have a good relationship with my own parents, but the love and kindness I've received from these amazing people have made up for it ten fold.  P-Momma is a great mother to me and an amazing grandmother to my children.  She deserves so much, yet she probably wouldn't take it... because that's just the kind of person she is.  She always puts her family first.  Peanut's family that she's met this year have been super awesome to Peanut, me, Butter, and Jelly.  They are now family to all of us, and I am so thankful that Peanut was able to connect with them.  They really deserve something to show them how truly happy I am that they are in our lives.

And that's it for me.  I know I've asked for a lot, Santa, but whatever you can do to help out will be great.  

Have a great Tuesday, everyone!!


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