Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Three More Days

Another day is behind us, and we're just about at the half way mark.  At about 11:30 this morning, we'll officially make it over the "hump" of the week, and it will be the downhill slide until Christmas Break.

Yesterday was another good day.  The kids were well behaved, they got their work done, and I'll have to admit it's feeling kinda out of the ordinary to have such well behaved kiddos this close to the second biggest break falling only slightly behind Summer Break.  I've hardly had to utter the words "calm down", "settle down" or "quiet down".  It's just weird.

But, I'm definitely not complaining.  I'll take kiddos that are this well behaved any time, and it just goes to show how truly blessed I am with such an amazing class.

Last night we had our annual Christmas concert.  I had about half my class show up for the program, which is pretty good.  It's not uncommon for most of my kiddos not to show up because it's sometimes hard for them to get a ride to the program at night.  The kids all did a fantastic job, and I was blown away with how wonderful they all sounded, despite having much fewer kids than they're used to singing with.  The bleachers were packed with parents, and it felt really nice to see such a great turn out.

Today is our final "instructional" day of the week.  By that I mean it's the last day that we have to have everything happening in the normal procedures and routines.  All of the subjects will be taught, work will still be taking place, and my kids are even lucky enough to be taking a couple of tests.  But, they'll also be watching a movie over the book we just finished reading, so there's some fun going to take place.  Plus, I'm pretty sure that as long as everything is running like normal, the kids are able to keep their composure.  The minute I declare that school work is over, and we can focus on doing fun Christmas activities for the rest of the day, I may have a little more trouble trying to maintain control.  There's nothing harder to control that 17 Christmas excited fourth graders.  Well, I suppose 18 would be harder to control...

Anywho, last night before the concert, the fourth grade team went and had dinner at our favorite local restaurant.  Before we ate, my Mama Bear team mate handed out gifts some gifts.  She bought the three of us (the other 4th grade team members) a couple pairs of fuzzy socks, a lip balm, and gave us a gift card to Kohl's.  She's so good to us.  I have strict orders to spend the gift card on myself, and for once I think I might actually do that.  My kids have enough stuff that they'll be getting for Christmas.

Today, I'll be participating in a Candle Exchange.  Basically it comes down to me providing a candle to exchange for another candle or some wax bars. Just a little fun activity, I suppose.  I love candles, but I'm more partial to the wax bars.  I don't like to burn candles, but I do love to decorate with them.  The wax bars, however, I go through like crazy in my Scentsy.

Oh, it's also the Holiday Feast at lunch today, so I'll be filling up on roast turkey and the fixings.  I don't even want to think about how much weight I've gained this week due to all of the sweet treats, and other stuff I've crammed in to my pie hole.  I've been in a sugar coma since Monday, and I have a feeling it's only going to get worse.  My goal is to not gain more than 5lbs over the course of the Christmas break, but I may be already getting close to that limit and we still have three days to go until break even starts.  Oi.

OK, time for me to hit the ground running and get ready.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!


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