Sunday, May 22, 2011

Complimenting Myself

How often do you stand in front of the mirror and say "Wow! You look fantastic!"?  How about "Look at those curves, you look HOT!"?

No?  You don't say those things?  Why not??

This week, my "Sisterhood Says" challenge is to find one thing to compliment myself about each day.  At first I thought it would be easy.  I can stand and look in the mirror and find one thing nice thing to say about myself...right? 

In fact, on the first day (Thursday), I could - and I did.  I looked at myself and complimented my face.  How skinny it looked - how I could see my cheekbones...and the fact that my double chin has mostly disappeared.

I felt good after that and went about my day.

Friday, I did it again.  This time, I decided to wait until I got ready to go out for the evening.  I stood in front of the mirror and said "Damn, girl, your butt looks great in those jeans".  Don't judge - my rear DID look great.  I was in a pair of jeans that I haven't been able to wear comfortably...until Friday.  They went on really easily...and I felt so small in them.  Rather than just saying "I look good in these jeans" I wanted to target the compliment on something.... my butt won.

Yesterday - things got a little tougher.  I took a shower and got dressed.  Once I was ready, I looked at myself in the mirror.  All I could come up with is "you look good".  Wow - pure sincerity right there.  I looked "good"?  Then I thought, once again, that I needed to make the compliment more targeted.  That's where I struggled.  Why did I look good?  What made me think that? 

I stood and twirled for a while.  Thank goodness I was alone... my family would have thought I'd gone stir crazy the way I was dancing and prancing in front of that mirror. 

I liked the way my outfit fit me.  I liked that the shirt wasn't too tight.  I liked that the pants didn't give me a muffin top.  All of my "likes" came from my clothes.  I liked...but how did I feel?  I wasn't satisfied with just liking what I was wearing.  Call me silly - but I want this challenge to be meaningful.  Giving myself a compliment is great....saying the words, that is... but I think that I need to feel good about what I'm saying.  Complimenting just my clothes didn't give me that feeling.

So, then the insanity set in.  I started running my hands down my stomach, across my butt, down my legs.  I wanted to "Feel" what I was going to compliment.  Yes.... literally.

Ready for what I liked the "feel" of?  No, you're not... you're going to think I'm crazy - or messed up in the head... but it's OK, I understand...

I liked the way my boobs felt.  No, not in that way.  I mean how they felt in my bra.  How my bra fit.  I've been a victim to what I call "four boob syndrome".  It's a disorder that some well endowed women get when their bra doesn't exactly fit right - and they end up with muffin top of the breasts.  I get it often...especially in the bra that I had chosen to wear.  But as I stood there, groping my boobs, I noticed that there was no booby muffin top.

I've noticed that I've been losing my boobs...and I'm OK with it.  I liked not having to worry about Spillage.  So, my compliment for yesterday?  "I like the feel of my boobs".  Definitely not my best work... but it was something different.

Today...I haven't gotten dressed yet.  It's just me.. in the raw.  Jammies on, hair a mess, no make-up.  So, what do I have to say for myself today? 

Today - I say - I don't need make-up, nice fitting clothes, or my hair fixed.  I am beautiful.  I feel fantastic.  Sometimes it takes looking at myself without worrying about all those other things to see the real beauty inside me.  Bring out the kleenexes.  :)

What nice thing can you say about yourself today?

Till next time. ;)
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  1. I love that you complimented your boobs!

    What I really noticed in your graduation day photos is what amazing skin you have!!!!!

    You are beautiful inside and out! And boobilishly funny, too!

  2. Thanks, Cathy!! It's funny, but I've never thought about my skin... but now that you mention it, I DO have nice skin!! LOL

    Another compliment to add to the list. :)

  3. Your butt did look great in those jeans Friday!

  4. ...that my personality looks fabulous in a pair of dark denim figure hugging jeans, ha.

    It's a great idea, embracing the positive instead of immediately jumping to the not so. Maybe I will take a leaf out of your blog.


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