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May Your Way Challenge

May Your Way Challenge

This is it.  Another challenge is officially underway over at the Sisterhood.  It's time for May Your Way - a challenge all about making goals, sticking to them, and adding some extra health and fitness goals in along the way.  The challenge lasts the entire month of May.

Each week, I will weigh in on Wednesdays and blog about my progress...just like in previous challenges.  This challenge also adds an extra bonus - a game called Sisterhood Says.  Each Wednesday, I'm going to receive a new health/fitness goal to add to my overall goal list.  Sounds like fun.

There will be a weight loss leaderboard associated with this challenge -but there will also be an extra game.  It will consist of earning points for keeping up with my goals, posting my blog on my progress, and joining in with Sisterhood Says and a weekly chat.  I'm so ready for all of it.

To get started, I came up with this list of goals that I'd like to achieve during the challenge:
  • Hit Onederland
  • Increase my weekly amount of exercise
  • Average at least 5 miles a week of running
  • 30 minutes of strength training at least twice a week
  • Keep caloric intake below 1600 calories per day
  • Try at least one new recipe/ food per week
The first one is going to be the hardest.  When I stepped on the scale yesterday to record my first initial weight for the challenge - I almost died when I saw 216lbs.  I mean, last week, I weighed 210.8lbs.  Is it possible that I gained 5.2lbs in one week?  OK, so I didn't exercise at all - except for the 5K I ran on Saturday.  My eating wasn't perfect - but I didn't eat enough to gain 5lbs in a week!!

I'm really hoping that the gallon of water I drank Friday and again on Saturday is factoring in to that number - and the shock to my system of running that kind of distance after not doing any exercise for almost two weeks.  I guess there's nothing wrong with starting a head a few pounds - maybe I'll actually make it on to the leaderboard this challenge.

If the weight is somehow accurate - and I managed to gain 5.2lbs in one week - then it's going to be almost impossible to lose 16lbs in a month.  I won't let my mind think like that.

Despite the pouring down rain and 46 degree weather, I still ran after work today.  I got to run around the inside of the school - for running club.  It's so funny to me that I spend all day telling kids NOT to run down the hallways - but after work, I get to run around the halls with them on a make-shift hallway track.  Super fun!!

I have no idea how far I ran - being that I was running hallways - but I ran for a good 30 minutes.  On Wednesday, I plan on running again - hopefully 5K.  I don't want to run Thursday because I have a 5K race on Friday evening.  That will give me over 6 miles for the week - not even including the hallway run.

The food part is going to be tough this week.  It's teacher appreciation week, and so the PTO is kindly providing lunch for all of the teachers this week.  Today was Mexican day - so the break room was full of yummy Mexican dishes.  I didn't go too crazy, but I wasn't exactly careful either.  The days ahead are going to be just as difficult. 

May also brings on a new Mantra -but I haven't had the chance to come up with it yet...I'm still thinking about it.  Hopefully it will come to me in the next couple of days.

OK, time to get on out of here.  It's been a long day, and I deserve some relaxation time.

Till next time. ;)
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