Saturday, May 21, 2011

FINALLY!!! 2 Fold

So, it appears that the Rapture hasn't happened.  Still have 45 minutes before 6PM here, but I doubt very much that God is running on Central it looks as though I still have some time with the awesome people on this planet.  Phew!!

It's a good thing, too, cause the past 24 hours have delivered some great news.

First.  I got a phone call last night...a phone call I've been dreading would never come.  I got a phone call about an interview!!! YAY!!  It's at the school district one town over from me.  It's for a 3rd grade position.... can you say "Dream Job"?  I think so.

My interview is on Wednesday at 3:30.  Everyone mark your calendars to be sending me some good "get a job" vibes.  I need all the support I can get...and I want this job, more than anything I've ever wanted.

Last night, I went out with my gal pals for a girls' night out.  We had a great time.  We got stuck in a bar because of a downpour - but it was great to just sit and talk.  Then, once the rain finally subsided a little, we made our way to another small bar.  We sat and played Scatagories for a while.  It's amazing how such little things like that can really be so much fun.  Then, after, it was on to my favorite karaoke tear it up!! 

Going to the karaoke place has become one of my most favorite things to do.  I've gotten to know some of the people there, and the DJ has got to the point where he will load me up with songs without me even signing up.  I even managed to get my two closest friends to karaoke - which they never do.  They enjoyed it so much they sang again and again...and they totally rocked it!!

This morning, I woke up feeling refreshed and fully charged for my day.  I decided to take a step on the scale - just for a little midway to weigh in day looksy.  I almost fell off the scale.  Would you believe that I saw 209.4lbs???  Well, BELIEVE IT!!  I didn't at first.  But after stepping off, and then back on, and then off and on again...there it was... 209.4lbs.  I've broken through the 210lbs mark...and I still have 4 days to go until weigh in day.  HOLY COW BALLS!!

So, I've had a great past 24 hours.  I've got a job interview, I'm down another 2lbs on the scale, got to hang out with my gal pals....ahhh, life is good.

What are you up to this weekend?

Till next time.  ;)
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  1. Holy cow balls????????????????????? LOL!

    You will do GREAT during your interview!!!! I'll be sending positive thoughts, vibes, and prayers your way!

    And yay for breaking that dang 210 mark.

    You have SO many reasons to feel good about yourself. You go, girl!!!!!

  2. Holy DONKEY balls I say?? Wowser - that's incredible about the job...I hope with all my might that you get that job!


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