Wednesday, May 04, 2011

First Check In for May Your Way Challenge

May Your Way Challenge

I know, the last post I made was announcing the new challenge - and here I am already having my first check-in.

We're three days in to the challenge.  I can't say that things are going perfectly - but I am sticking to most of the goals that I set.

I ran probably close to 2 miles Monday night.  I didn't get to run tonight because I had a meeting - but I am running a 5K race on Friday so that will mean getting 5 miles in.  That's not even including the running I'm planning on doing Saturday and/or Sunday.

There is one goal that I haven't stuck to - and that's keeping my calories under 1600.  It's my own fault - I've fallen victim to the plethora of goodies that have been laid out each day in the breakroom for Teacher Appreciation Week.

I did try a new food yesterday.  Something I've never tried before: sauerkraut.  I've never had it.  Didn't think I'd like it - but I do.  In fact I loved it - especially after seeing how many calories are in a serving... next to none!!

I was also a little happier when I stepped on the scale this morning - not the number I wanted to see, but much better than the number I had on Sunday.

Challenge Start Weight:  216lbs
Weight Today:  214.2lbs

That means I'm down 1.8lbs.  I'm still very disappointed because last week I weighed 210.8lbs.  I MUST get my eating under control again.

I know that a lot of that gain is from the food consumption.  I've been eating too much.  I've strayed from making my weekly meal plans - not by choice, by time constraints.  Hubby has had the job of running to the store each day to grab something for dinner...and the last thing on his mind was how healthy the food was.  It's not his fault.  After working all night, he doesn't exactly feel like checking nutritional information on the food his buying.  That on top of eating a large lunch at work - thanks to the P.T.O. - has caused the huge weight gain.  There's no other reason for it.  I can sit and pretend that my running has helped me gain muscle, but then I'm just being delusional.

If I have any hope in the world of reaching Onederland by June 1st - I'm going to have to go into crazy overdrive.  Lots of running, extra work-outs, and CONTROLLED eating. 

Luckily, I'm so happy with the Sisterhood Says challenge for this week.  Our challenge is to drink 64ozs of water each day....something else I have lacked in.  I think by upping my water intake (again) I will be able to curb my appetite and avoid some of the temptations.  Thank goodness I don't have to go to work tomorrow - and Friday is the last day of Teacher Appreciation Week.

I've finally come up with May's ready for it?  OK, here it is...

The blurb at the end isn't exactly motivational - but it sure is funny (and sometimes true). 

So this month is all about perseverance.  Yes, I've had a set back.  Yes, I've fallen off track a little.  Now it's time to pick myself up and persevere.  That's who I am - it's what I do.  I think it's perfect for this month.

OK, time to get some work done - the last assignments for the semester and my college life (thus far).  In just 9 days, I will be a college graduate!!! WOO HOO!!

Till next time. ;)
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  1. Perseverance is a good mantra but the saying is pretty funny and so true! My daughter who teaches says the same thing about teacher appreciation week...why do they have to have so much good stuff! It's almost over so hang in there!


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