Wednesday, May 25, 2011

May Your Weigh Check In

Today is a big day.

It's not just check-in day for the May Your Way Challenge.... it's ALSO the day of my interview. 

The nerves haven't set in yet... it's not until 3:30 this afternoon - so I have plenty of time for the butterflies to move in.

This week has been...well...not exactly productive.  This time last week, I declared that I was going to start running again this week.  Well, I had planned on it... but being that we've been under either a severe thunderstorm warning or tornado warning pretty much since then - that hasn't happened.

I did enjoy the Sisterhood Says challenge of complimenting myself.  Since the post about my boobs I've complimented some non-body related things. 

Sunday, I complimented my heart.  After sitting glued to the TV Sunday night watching about the devastation that hit Joplin - tears in my eyes and heart breaking - I knew that I have a big heart.  All day Monday, I checked in on what was going on - wondering what I could do to help.  It took everything I had not to jump in my car and drive up there. 

Monday morning, I had my internship celebration at school.  The school did the cutest assembly for the interns - read poems, sang songs, shared memories, and even presented us with their own version of diplomas.  I bawled the whole time.  I couldn't help it.  The minute the first child spoke, my eyes were pouring!!  That lead to Monday's compliment.... my passion.

I have a passion for teaching that is so hard to explain.  Think active, furious volcano.  That is a way to somehow measure my level of passion that I carry with me everyday in being a teacher.  It pours from my veins.  Not many things can bring me to tears - but give me a group of kiddos that I've grown to know, love, and teach....and I'm a blubbering mess.

Yesterday was a little harder.  I had nothing when I woke up.  I got a phone call to sub in 7th grade... nervous about that.  Went and subbed, had a pretty good time talking to the kids...although I was bored out of my mind.  Subbing one lesson all day - when each class has to take a test and work silently - can be SOOO boring.  When I got home last night, the compliment came out without me even realizing it.  I declared "It shows how dedicated I am when I will sub in any grade just so I can spend time in a classroom".  Yep - dedication...that was my compliment for yesterday.  I am dedicated.  I will do just about anything to work with kids - even sub all day long in a silent classroom.... it was torture, but I did it.

So - let's get to goals for this week, before I get to my weight results.  I've decided I want to do something a little different.  Instead of bulleting the specific things I want to achieve this week, I'm going to go with the theme of compliments.  

This week, my goal is to put the same amount of heart, passion, and dedication into my weight loss efforts as I do for my teaching.  I think if I wake up each day and make damn sure that I do everything I can to stick to eating right, finding some time to work out, and putting my heart into wanting that goal weight...great things will happen.

Let's get to my weight this week.

I started the challenge off at at 216lbs.  That was bad.
Last week, after three weeks of being on the challenge, I weighed in at 211.2lbs.
Today - somehow, and I don't know how - I have lost YET AGAIN.
This morning, I weighed in at 209.8lbs.

If you saw my post on Sunday, you will see that I weighed in that day at 209.4lbs.  Since then, I've gained 0.4lbs - but for the entire week, I've lost 1.4lbs.  How can I not be happy with that?  That's just from eating right - because I haven't exercised.  I know that's not good - and it makes me wonder what kind of numbers I'd be pulling if I WAS exercising.

I have broken through the 210lbs barrier.  This is my lowest weight to date.  I am thrilled!!

This week's Sisterhood Says challenge is to try one fitness thing I've never tried before.  Not sure what that'll be, yet, but I'm gonna see what I can come up with.

This next week is the last week of the it's time to give it everything I have.  Last week, I made my first appearance on the weight loss leader board.  I hope that I'm still there this week - and next week?  Well, let's see what I can do.

Till next time. ;)
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  1. Good loss! I'm happy for you! There's nothing more amazing than breaking barriers and being at your lowest. It's just so exciting. :)

  2. Your compliments to yourself are wonderful, I truly need to do the same more! Your passion for teaching is fabulous, some one like you leaves imprints on their students! Yay for your lose I am thrilled for you!

  3. Good job this week Joanna! I've been following along but darn work for keeping me busy! Let's make a big push for the finish line!


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