Thursday, February 16, 2012

Biggest Loser Breakdown...and News!

Dear Diary...

Last night, I got back on an elliptical for the first time in almost a year.  I forgot how much I'd fallen in love with that piece of equipment.  I'd forgotten how much it makes me work, push myself.  I'd forgotten how it makes me feel like I'm running - and running hard.  I'd forgotten, but now I remember.  And I won't let myself forget so easily again.  I was strapped for time last night, so I wanted to get to the gym and do what I could in the 30 minutes I had.  I went straight to the elliptical.  I set my target heart rate to 140 - and I was off.  The machine kept beeping at me, telling me I was going too fast and needed to slow down.  Can't say that's ever happened before.

I decided to break my workout up between elliptical for 20 minutes, and bike for 10.  As I was working out, I decided to try intervals of high intensity for 30 seconds, then recovery for 1 minute.  On the elliptical, I was pushing speeds of 5mph for the fast parts - and coming down to about 3.5 for the recovery.  I was dripping sweat about 7 minutes in, that was fueling my fire to go harder.  On the bike, I kept my pace around 12 mph.  Being that I stayed on the elliptical a few minutes longer for the cool-down, I only stayed on the bike for 7 minutes - so I wanted to make it count.  And that I did.  All in all, I felt like it was a good work-out for the short amount of time I had. 

Now, let's get to my Biggest Loser Breakdown...shall we?  SPOILER ALERT, for anyone that hasn't watched it yet.

This week, I'll admit that I was happy to not see much drama.  For the first time this entire season, this episode focused on what it's really about.  That would be fighting those inner demons that got them there in the first place. 

At the start of the show, Conda and Daphne had a mini blow up.  Which was understandable.  Conda, of course, ran her mouth about Daphne not knowing what she was talking about - but you could see in Daphne's eyes that she was out for blood.  And I don't blame her one bit!

Allison arrived to deliver some news.  One player from each team was going home for a week - and only that person's weight would count on the scale at the end of the week.  It just so happened that Bob and Dolvett chose Conda and Daphne to go home.  Oh, and the trainers got to go with them for the week - leaving the rest of the team behind to fend for themselves.

While they were at home, we got to see a somewhat different side to Conda.  She opened up a little about a troubled time when she was in high school and her parents went through a divorce.  She got emotional and claimed to have had a revelation about why she was really at the ranch.  I almost believed her, too.  I said almost. 

If you don't watch the entire episode this week, you should at least check out the scenes of Dolvett babysitting Conda's daughter.  It was so cute.  Dolvett sure knows how to impress the little ones.

Anywho, I'm gonna skip the play by play and get to the nitty gritty.  The black team lost the challenge, which gave the red team a 1lb advantage for Conda.  The black team also lost the weigh in that earned another 1lb advantage for Conda.  The red team really did pull some good numbers.  Roy and Kim both lost 9lbs and Mark lost 10lbs.  So, before Daphne and Conda ever got on the scale - Conda had 2lbs in her favor.  I wasn't happy.  I wanted Daphne to win more than anything.  She really needed the win for herself and her brother.

Well, Daphne was on the scale first and lost an AMAZING 12lbs.  I think everyone on the ranch was as shocked as I was.  Then it was Conda's turn.  With Daphne's loss, and Conda's advantage she needed to lose more than 10lbs to win.  More than 10lbs means 11+.  I always hate the way they say it.  Allison should say "you need to lose at least 11lbs".  Anywho... Conda got on the scale, the numbers rolled, and she lost 10lbs.  Which was NOT the number she needed to win.  She needed one more pound.

Bob and Chism let out a huge yell of celebration - that got a lot of flack on Twitter.  They were accused of being bad sports for cheering.  I say who freakin' cares?  They had every right to be happy.  Daphne had just succeeded - and had shown Conda who's boss.  I would have cheered too, and I did...right in my living room!

Conda, of course, turned the waterworks on immediately saying how she felt terrible for letting her team down.  And off to voting the red team went.  After not being ticked off the entire episode, I was reminded of how much I dislike the red team during the voting.  Kim and Mark went first, claiming that they were voting for the one person who'd lost his edge, lost his passion.  And that person was Roy.  Urm.  WTH?  Roy lost 9lbs this week!  He was, I believe, the 2nd highest loser on the team for the week.  Kimmie had been losing stupid amounts of weight since she'd got there... but Roy was the weak link?  OK, whatever.  Even Allison stepped in after Mark's weak excuse of Roy not putting in his best effort.  She made a very obvious snark towards Mark with "he lost 9lbs this week, that doesn't count for something?"  I was very proud of Allison for saying something... not that it did any good.  Everyone else followed suit after that.  So, Roy was the one sent home.  I was pissed.  Again.

Then, the preview for next week's episode came on.  It appears that a weigh in is going to be thrown next week.  Not sure if it's to get Daphne out of the house - but that's what it was teasing.    The teams look to have been switched a little.  Conda is now wearing black and her brother is wearing a red shirt.  You will see that there is some weight gained - and Bob is PISSED!  As much as I don't want to see the drama, I want to watch the episode.  Although, I already feel like it's going to be my last episode to watch.  I just can't stand the drama anymore.  I watch that show to be inspired, and it's the complete opposite this season. 

In other Biggest Loser news - on Feb. 28th, I'm going to get to meet Patrick House!  He's the season 10 winner.  I'm very excited because it was a season I was very close with.  I've even had the honor of exchanging some messages with Patrick on I can't wait!  He's going to be at my gym.  So, there's a fun piece of information to close with.

There will be no gym for me tonight, as Jelly has a dentist appointment.  This weekend, I'm going to see how it goes - but I am determined to get at least 1 more work-out in before my next weigh-in.  I'm earning my $5 this week!

Till next time. ;)


  1. They can try all they want to make Conda a 'sympathetic character.' I still didn't buy it or even care to watch it. I'm trying to remind myself that she is a very young 23 years old, but UGH! It's hard. She is so unlikable. I, too, was pulling hard for Daphne. This cast & season has been utterly disappointing. But I will continue to watch...cause I'm a reality tv junkie like that.

    That's so cool that you get to meet Patrick House!

  2. Conda-UGH!! I'll keep watching as well. . . but the drama is so disappointing!


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