Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Dear Diary...

I'm dragging a little this morning.  Actually, I'm dragging a lot.  After going to bed at 2am, I was unable to sleep.  Even though I was exhausted.  I tossed and turned most of the night, napping here and there.  I finally gave up with getting any good, solid sleep around 9 this morning and just got up.  It's frustrating, really, because I should have slept like a baby last night.  After the day I had yesterday, every part of me was tired.

Let's get to that, shall we?  My day yesterday.  I left my house around 11 yesterday morning, and didn't get home until 11 last night.  Yes.  We were out for 12 hours.  There's a lot to tell you about...some good, some bad, and some down right ugly.

The Good:
I got my shoes!  My new training shoes.  I didn't get the ones that I had originally picked out.  After browsing around, I found a different pair - that look almost identical to the ones I originally picked out.  I went with Sketchers Ready, Set, Tone-Ups:

The only difference between these and the pair I picked out the other day while browsing online, are that these offer additional support on the arch of my foot that is removable (if I find it to be too much support), and the Resolyte soles that help tone thighs and calves while working out.  Plus, they were only $35!  Oh, and I also got a new gym bag.  That's pink trim with zebra stripes.  I can't wait to use both of them!  

I also got another pair of shoes...well, boots.  It was a total impulse buy that may lead to my never even wearing them - but they were $10.  Reduced down from $25.  That's a good deal, and I couldn't resist.  Plus, I don't own a pair of ankle boots.  Cute, right?

In addition to all that goodness, I also bought a new purse, some new scarves, a few head bands with the cute flowers, body sprays, a super cute silk nightie with a silk robe, some new undies, bras, a 4 slice waffle maker, and a Bluetooth headset for my I'm no longer driving and talking on the phone.  All in all, I came home with a huge stow of loot.  And I'm very happy with the bargains I hunted down.

The Bad:
There was nothing bad about my day.  The time spent with Hubby was amazing, and we had a lot of fun.  Having a Hubby that loves shopping as much as I do?  Probably should be listed here.  Hubby isn't like "typical" men when it comes to shopping.  It's one of the many, many things I love about him.  While some men would rather burn their eyes out with hot pokers than spend the day shopping with their significant other - Hubby loves every second of it.  He doesn't even mind when I drag him around store after store just looking at shoes and purses.  As long as there is some other shopping thrown in.  He won't hesitate to give me an opinion on clothes that I pick out - and loves to give his feedback when it comes to undergarments.

Why is this so bad?  Well, because we end up spending 10 hours out shopping...and spending money.  If I had a "typical" Hubby, I'd have probably been home after a couple of hours - with a lot of money still in my pocket.  But I wouldn't trade it for anything...despite how much damage we do while we're out.

Something else I want to add in this category.  The fact that I was able to buy stuff at J.C. Penney much cheaper than I was able to find it at Wal-Mart.  How bad is that?  All day long, I was hunting for a new silk nightgown.  Wal-Mart had a few for around $16.  None of them jumped out to me as being worthy of spending $16 on...especially that I own most of the styles they carry.  Then, Hubby and I went to JCP and I found the cutest nightgown and matching robe for $22.  Not even on sale!  The nightgown was $11 and the robe was $11.  At WM, they wanted $16 a piece for each item - and they weren't even that cute!  I'm not sure what's going on with the world's biggest retailer... but when the day comes that I can buy clothes cheaper at the mall than I can at WM - then my WM shopping days for anything but food are OVER!

The Ugly:
You know what's coming with this category, right?  Yes.  You guessed it.  The food consumption.  I wish I could sit here and say that I was a good girl, and made good choices while out.  But that would be a lie.  My first ugly experience came for breakfast.  The Waffle House.  Need I say more?  Oh, you want details?  Way to make me feel the pain of my decisions!  I went with two eggs over-easy, bacon, hash-browns, and toast...followed up with a chocolate chip waffle.  I could sit here and feed out a bunch of excuses, but there aren't any.  Not any that would justify my decision.  I was stupid.  But it was good.

All day long, I went without eating anything else.  I didn't even drink much of the Diet Dr. Pepper I bought while we were out.  Then, it was dinner time.  Hubby and I had already decided we'd eat at Red Lobster.  I could have gone with a light option, but I didn't.  I went for the Surf & Turf.  A sirloin steak, lobster tail, lobster baked potato, and broccoli.  Let's not forget the salad and garlic cheddar biscuits before the actual meal.  Those darn biscuits are so freakin' good!  I ate 3 of them.  That in it's self was probably enough calories for one dinner.  But, alas, I ate the salad, the biscuits, the huge dinner....and then ate a chocolate chip lava cookie with ice-cream.  I never order dessert when I go out and eat a meal.  I don't know why I had to this time - but I did.  And, again, it was good.  No, make that AMAZING!

Am I going to regret my food choices in a few days when I have to step on the scale?  You bet ya.  Do I regret indulging and just enjoying a fantastic weekend alone with my Hubby?  Not on your life!  Sure, once again, I made stupid, pointless food choices that I will once again regret come weigh in day... but the experience was worth it.  Something like this weekend probably won't happen again for a very long time.  All I can do now is enjoy the memory.

However, I will say before I go that this weekend was an eye opening experience.  It was border line depressing not wanting to buy clothes.  Or not being able to, because I've once again jumped up to a size that isn't carried in most department stores.  Looking at clothes with Hubby and making statements like "I'd look good in that if I lost about 50lbs" took a lot out of me.  Hubby was ready with the constant reinforcements and sweet sentiments to make me feel better - but it didn't really help.  It made me realize the damage I've done, and continue to keep doing apparently.  I truly can't wait to put my new shoes and gym bag to use.  My goal, now, is to be able to ready myself for the next opportunity Hubby and I get for a kid-free shopping weekend.  I will start putting money in to that Reward Jar, so that once the time comes - I'll be ready to shop till I drop for new clothes that make me look hot, sexy, and slim!

Till next time. ;)

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