Friday, February 03, 2012

Biggest Loser Breakdown...Or Teardown, Depending How You Look At It

Dear Diary...

I have just got to vent today.  It can't be helped.  I haven't stopped thinking about it all night.  It's driving me nuts.

Who else is NOT liking this season of Biggest Loser and would like nothing more than to see Conda and Kim get a big F U from the house and be kicked off and have everyone stand outside and laugh at them as they go?  OK, maybe that's a little harsh.  But not untrue.

This week's episode of The Biggest Loser 13 was the most disappointing, annoying, and irritating episode I have watched of the show EVA!  If you haven't watched this week's episode then I'll give you a courtesy SPOILER ALERT!!!!  But you may just want to read what I have to say and spare yourself the time of actually watching the show because yes, it's that bad.

This week, the aqua team got their chance to stand on the scale to see if they'd earned a spot back in the house.  It was apparent from Conda and Kim's faces the minute the aquas walked in that they didn't like it one bit - and trouble was brewing.

The aquas stood on the scale.  Daphne went first and lost a whopping 26lbs.  Then it was Adrian's turn.  I knew straight away he'd lost a big number.  He looked really good.  His number?  36lbs gone!!  So, they had done it.  They had earned a spot back on campus - to the obvious dislike to, again, Conda and Kim.  The aquas then had a mini squabble over what trainer they wanted.

Now, I'd like to take everyone back to the first day on campus when the couples realized that they wouldn't be couples anymore - and that each couple had to decide on which trainer they were going to be with.  Do you remember that some of the couples both wanted Bob, and were kind of disappointed when they found out they were being split up?  Yeah, me too.  But because the aqua team did it, there was a lot of cattiness that poked it's ugly head out about the aquas playing rock, paper, scissors for Bob.

From the first minute, I knew that Adrian was going to be one of those contestants that was loud and proud.  Does that bother me?  Absolutely not.  He had determination written all over his face.  He knew that he had been given a second chance, and wasn't about to let that be taken away from him.  Did anyone on his team see it?  NOPE!!! They immediately started calling him out on his claims of working out 14 hours a day and busting his rear end just as hard as they had been.  I'm not going to say that I completely believe he was working out 14 hours a day.  But his number on that scale reflected similar numbers of other contestants that have been on the ranch for 4 weeks - so I can't argue with the fact that he had definitely been working his behind off.

I was also in tears after hearing Adrian pour his heart out to Dolvett about the loss of a child.  Adrian shared that the cause of his weight gain had been the death of his prematurely born daughter.  She had been born about 3 months early, and Adrian was able to hold her in his arms before she passed away.  He then explained that he has another baby on the way, and wanted to be the man he used to be for his new child - not a man still grieving over the loss of his other child.  I could really tell he meant everything he said.  He was going to change.  He was going to fight.  He was in it to win it - not for the money, but for his health. 

Then the stupid drama and cattiness started from Kim and Conda.  Oh how I loathe those women.  One of the things I've always loved about The Biggest Loser is the fact that there's hardly any drama.  Is there the occasional squabble in the house?  Sure.  Is there the accusations of "game playing" and conniving going on?  That's going to happen with a game.  But have I ever seen downright meanness and hatefulness from two women who would do better in a 5th grade classroom than on a weight loss ranch?  NO!!

I'd like to point out here that Kim was very close to being in the shoes of the aqua team.  She was up against them for the final challenge that decided the last team to be granted access to the ranch.  The pink team made it by the skin of their teeth.  But now?  Oh, Kim is pissed that the aqua team was given a second chance.  I would really like to ask her what would have happened if she was the one to have been sent home the very first night?  Would she have completely disagreed with the pink team getting a chance to earn their way back on the ranch?  Would she have bitched and moaned about earning a place back on the ranch?  Of course not!! 

The whole time the red team was working out, Adrian proved his worthiness to be back.  He not only kept up with the work-out but he also proved to be a little better at it.  He was the only member of the team able to get across some monkey bars.  He was the only member of the team that didn't bitch and moan about running their treadmills at a 9, 10, and then 11.  Was he dying and crying after it?  Nope.  Not like two other women I won't mention.

The beginning of the challenge then ticked me off even more.  Do you remember in the beginning how Conda got one of the players voted off because he was "disrespectful" to her brother?  Which seems to be a trend with her, because that's what she accused Adrian of doing, also.  Those other players were the disrespectful ones.  Yet, at the challenge, Conda and Kim stood around making fun of Adrian, bad mouthing him, and even threatening to kick him at one point.  Yeah, real grown up there ladies.  I don't use this word very often - but they were a couple of BITCHES!! 

I was so happy that the red team lost the weigh in.  Pretty much everyone on campus pulled crappy numbers.  The aquas also pulled pretty crappy numbers.  Adrian only lost 2lbs, and Daphne only lost 1lbs.  They both blamed the fact that being in a new place with a new diet had taken it's toll.  I'd like to point out that Conda also only lost 2lbs.  But then she stood on the scale with her crocodile tears about how hard she'd worked and was devastated to see that number and everyone felt sorry for her.  If she dedicated as much time to her working out as she does running her mouth, I'm pretty sure that girl would see double digits lost each week.  Yet, on Adrian only losing 2lbs? Adrian was immediately accused of "playing the game" because he had immunity.  UGH!!

In the end, Nancy was voted off.  I agree that it was time for her to go.  She hadn't really competed in any of the challenges, and she had the least amount of weight left to lose.  I was also kind of happy when Adrian piped up about him being accused of playing the game - yet the team was voting off their weakest player so that it benefited the team.  Valid point.  Of course it was met with nasty comments and reactions from Kim and Conda.

This episode really left me torn.  I watch The Biggest Loser because I love the dedication of the people that have been given the opportunity of a lifetime to change their lives for the better.  It gives me hope.  It encourages me.  Yet, last night, I didn't feel any of that.  I felt like I was watching just another reality show that racks in the ratings based on how much drama takes place.  That's NOT what The Biggest Loser is all about. 

I can't help but feeling that if this catty, childish, petty drama continues - my time with this season will come to an end.  I can't watch if I'm left feeling angry and disappointed at the end of each show.  That's not why I watch.  I like to feel the commitment everyone on the ranch gives.  I like to shed a tear with the teams when they sit in the voting room and having to decide which member of their team has to be voted off - even though everyone on the team wants everyone to stay.  I want to feel the comrade relationships.  I DON'T want to watch and wish with all my might that someone would just smack the crap out of two players.  I DON'T want to watch and fume with anger that two manipulative witches are pulling the doll strings of the people around them.  I DON'T want to watch a team gang up on a player that worked his behind off all week to prove how much he wanted to be there.  It's just wrong.

So, next week, I'm giving the show one more chance.  If I feel like this at the end of that episode, I'm pretty sure I will be saying good-bye to this season.

Till next time. ;)


  1. I haven't been watching Biggest Loser and it's clear I should be! :)

    1. Well, that depends.. LOL I've loved the past few seasons, but this season is making me sit on the fence about whether I want to keep watching or not. I watch for motivation - not drama.

      I'm not big on reality TV because of the fact that it's usually built around how much drama that takes place. Biggest Loser was always the exception. Now, it's just turning in to "just another reality show" and that makes me sad.

  2. Isn't it amazing how intense reality tv can be?!

    1. I know, right? I can't help but get stuck in the middle of it. I like to feel the connection with the contestants on BL - but I don't like to see petty drama. That's not what this show is about. It's supposed to be about getting over the hurdles in life that has caused significant weight gain. It's not about being childish spoiled brats - that I can't deal with. LOL

  3. I agree with everything you said, it is getting old..there are soo many people that would LOVE the opportunity to be there and would be greatful for the chance..but somehow those 2 slipped through the cracks and got it instead of someone who really deserves it.

    1. I think that's what upsets me the most. The fact that so many people would give their right arm at the opportunity they get. It makes me even more sad that any person that gets a second chance of going back to the ranch should be celebrated - not isolated. Like I said, if it was either one of them in the aqua's shoes - I bet they wouldn't be acting like that.

  4. OMG - I agree so much! It's bullying. Talking under your breath and giggling and not letting someone sit by you - is how you bully as a kid. Conda is soooo immature and Kim goes along with it. ANNOYING. And did you notice that both of them lost more at home than some on the Ranch? And they kept up? They are no joke. UGH

    1. AGREED!! Conda makes my blood boil. She complains how disrespectful everyone else is - yet she's the biggest culprit. I just wish someone would have the balls to stand up to them and tell them to get over themselves. It's old and ridiculous. They are acting like children - and they should be focusing on bettering their lives.

      I LOVE the fact that Adrian made the whole team look like idiots when he proved that not only could he keep up - but he could do more than they could on those monkey bars.


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