Thursday, February 23, 2012

Biggest Loser Breakdown...Tear Down?...Put Down? Something Like That

Dear Diary...

Thursdays have kinda become the day when I get on here and do a bitchfest rundown of the week's episode of Biggest Loser.  I like doing it on Thursdays, because there are some people that don't get to watch it on the actual night that it comes I give those people an extra day to check it out.  Although, this season, it seems the amount of people watching the show at all - if the comments are right on Facebook and Twitter - are getting lower and lower.

It's no surprise that this season has probably the worst contestants in the history of the show.  It's not fair for me to make that call, because I haven't watched since the first season.  But, from what I'm hearing - there has never been anything like it.  This season has caused an uproar in the weight loss community - and there's good reason.

I have more to say about that subject, so I'm going to do a quick breakdown of this week's episode...SPOILER ALERT!!

This week, there was a temptation challenge.  The person who ate the most got power of creating whatever teams that person wanted.  They could make as many changes as they wanted - or keep things exactly the same.  Daphne won by eating 1800+ calories.  The temptation was supposed to be anonymous..but that didn't last long.  Daphne made a stupid choice and only made one switch.  Switching Conda and Jeremy.  Putting AnaConda on the black team and Jeremy on the red team.  Of course, it sent shockwaves through
the house, because they are all a bunch of cry babies.  I knew what she was doing.  She wanted to prove a point.  To show them what it was like for her and her brother to be placed on an unknown team.  Did anyone else get it?  Of course not!  They were too busy worrying how they were going to get rid of Daphne and praising the almighty AnaConda.  That's become her new nickname, by the way.  It was a stupid choice that sealed her fate - but I totally got why she did it.

Long story short, the black team ended up throwing the weigh in by losing stupid amounts of weight.  There was actual footage shown of them all eating bread and crap so that their numbers were bad.  Conda managed to actually gain a pound.  It was with the intent to get rid of Daphne.  Now, the twist came when Daphne stood on the scale.  Everyone at home was hoping she'd be the biggest loser for the week and earn immunity.  She stood on the scale and ended up gaining 2lbs!!  Everyone was shocked.  So, of course, Daphne was sent packing.

Now, in my mind, I knew exactly why she did that too.  She was so tired of the drama, she'd rather go back home - where she had the most success - than be around a bunch of whine bag, self centered monsters that are still on the show.  And I say GOOD FOR HER!!

It was reported by TMZ, yesterday, that the remaining contestants staged a walk-off when they found out the producers may bring back some of the eliminated players for a chance to win the prize money.  The contestants weren't having none of that - and actually threatened to quit.  I say, along with thousands of others, LET THEM QUIT!!  I'd much rather have the eliminated players back for the rest of the season and see every one of the players left sent packing. 

Bob also did an interview with Radar online calling the remaining contestants "bullies".  He admitted that he didn't like most of the contestants on the season's show.  He called them "nasty".  He's also apparently sick of the negativity and game play that's spewing from the season. 

I'm so frustrated with the show, it's not even funny.  I found myself "liking" many negative pages this week like the I Dislike Conda page, I Dislike Kim page and I Dislike Biggest Loser 13.  Looking back at what I did shocks me.  I've never jumped on a bandwagon that promotes hate towards a person.... but I just couldn't help it.

I think my biggest frustration stems from the fact that NBC refuses to acknowledge any of the negative feedback it's receiving.  Each week, I've read THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of Tweets, Facebook statuses, and blogs that all slam this season - and mostly Conda - yet there hasn't been a word from the show, the producers, or NBC.  They even refused to comment to TMZ about the walk-off.  Which, I totally think is a scheme to try and boost ratings. 

Think about it for a second.  They read all the negative comments about how upset everyone is over the aqua team getting sent home.  Then they realize that maybe they could add a twist that brings them back once again.  Maybe even knowing how the other contestants would react.  It perks the interest of those people who are ticked off...and those people start watching again.  Total reality TV game play.

I can honestly say that I really have no desire to watch any more of this season.  Well, unless Conda gets sent home.  That might change the atmosphere in the house, and cause the show to make a few adjustments... but I'm not holding my breath.  I was able to see, this week, that there are people on the black team that are just as bad as some of the bullies on the red team - and that includes the people I liked, such as Emily and Cassandra.  I even kinda liked the red team this week, once Conda was off the team.  It just goes to show how much venom that one woman spreads around the house.

I really hope that NBC has been reading the comments.  I hope that despite their silence, they are planning on never letting something like this happen again.  Of course, it's hard to determine what people are going to be like once they are actually on the show... but they've done right for the past seasons I've watched. 

The Biggest Loser is supposed to be a show about hope, inspiration, and determination.  It's supposed to spread the message that people can overcome pretty much anything to lose weight and get in shape.  It's not supposed to be about bickering, fighting, game play, and causing the weight loss community to protest and quit watching.  I just hope that the comments are not falling on deaf ears.  One can only hope, being that there is nothing else to go on.

Till next time. ;)


  1. First of all, can I just say how much I love your Biggest Loser recaps If you stop watching, I will miss them very much. I agree with everything you wrote. First of all, LMFAO @ AnaConda. Secondly, I agree this is the absolute worst cast we've ever seen on the show. Like you, there were a few saving graces on The Black Team like Emily & Cassandra, but now I've lost respect for them as well. Third, I think it's shocking that Conda, a young, cry baby, bitchy, spoiled brat of a girl has so much power in the house. What the hell is up with that???

    I had no idea about the cast planning a walk-off! Seriously??? Who do they think they are?? Disgusting.

    I personally have no problems with it when a show brings eliminated players back. In fact, it's so common place now, contestants on a reality show should just expect it. Do you watch Top Chef? An eliminated player was brought back this season as well. The remaining chefs were pissed! All I can say is why?? Are you scared of the competition?? On a show like The Biggest Loser it should matter even less that kicked off players come back. At the end of the day, what they are doing on the ranch is supposed to be about the individual. With this cast, it is clearly about the game play and the money and not what they are learning. If they were learning anything, a returning player would be nothing more than an adjustment and they would move forward! This cast will gain the weight back in under 2 years, I'm sure of it.

    I also hope NBC acknowledges how screwed up this season was. Not sure if you watch any of The Housewives on Bravo but one season New York was a nightmare! Andy Cohen (love him) and Bravo listened to their viewers and switched up the cast almost immediately. I'm not sure how the changes will be, but as a viewer I appreciated that they listened to what we had to say.

    Like I've said before, I'm a reality junkie so I will watch for the rest of the season. At this point, I don't care who wins but if I had to pick someone to root for it would be Buddy. And I really hope Daphne or brother is the at home winner.

    1. Don't worry, I haven't completely decided if I'm going to give up on the show. I'm pretty sure this walk-out is an attempt to stir up ratings. Even though the show is shot in advance, people hear about a walk-off and think that it's going to affect the game right now. It's not.

      My hope is that the producers have been reading the comments, and they assumed that the only way to make up for the sham that is this season is to bring some of the eliminated players back. Being that most of the controversy revolves around Daphne and Adrian being given such a horrible chance when they came back. If the other players don't like it - I say LET THEM QUIT!! My hopes is that was the hope of the producers. They would quit, old players would come back, and the show could take a turn back to it's roots. I can hope - but somehow I have a feeling that totally isn't the case.

      I also don't care who wins this season - which is sad. I guess if I had to pick someone it would be Chris or Buddy. They seem to try and stay out of the drama... but even they get on my nerves.

  2. I don't much care for all the drama either, but it's mid-season and not much the show can do with real people. It just goes to show how insecure some people can be and want to follow the crowd or be a people pleaser at their own expense. I may have been guilty of that myself, but I'm getting stronger and see that it can cause big time damage. You would have thought they would have learned some lessons by now. Maybe the juvenile behavior will open some of their eyes and they'll learn to keep their mouths shut about some situations. I think that has been the problem. I'll continue to watch but may be doing other things while I'm watching, so it's not a complete waste of time.


    1. You're right. I don't think the casting people could have foreseen the behavior that's happening. The show is shot in advance, so as much as people are complaining - there's just not much they can do about it.

      I do hope, however, that they learn a lesson from it. It's obvious that BL fans don't want a show with this much drama.

      I'm not positive, but I don't ever remember there being pages set up on Facebook or any other social site asking for the boycott of the show - or individual players. I don't remember seeing petitions going around on the web for the producers to change the show. The viewers are definitely sick and tired of this season - and I hope that the ratings are showing that and the producers will do something about it in the future.

  3. I only caught the last part of the episode and I wasn't sure what was going on. I didn't understand why Daphne was being targeted but now your recap makes more sense. I don't understand how these people think. Here they have a chance of a life time to change their lives around and they throw it away because of petty drama. They blame everyone else but themselves saying they are to blame for the gain but HONESTLY!? Grow up. It's not inspiring AT ALL watching the show at this point.

    1. Totally agreed!! I know so many people that would give their right arm to be on the Biggest Loser - even if there wasn't prize money involved. I'm one of them. The prize for me would be the opportunity to work with world class trainers, nutritionists, and doctors to help me lose the weight - and get my life back.

      I totally prefer it when the players in the house are all working together to help each other..and do what they can to transform themselves. Not be in everyone else's business and causing drama. Totally pathetic!!

  4. I like those pages too, haha. And I'm pretty sure Daphne didn't throw the weigh in to go home. Remember when Sunny went home last season and lost 14 pounds and gained 5 the next week? Pretty much what happened to Daphne. She looked shocked. I was disappointed that she lied about winning, and that was a very VERY stupid switch, but the ones who threw the weigh in and then got up there and said they have no idea what happened were lying through their teeth and nobody called THEM on it.

    Oh, and Diets in Review confirmed that two contestants have been cut loose for the walk out yesterday. I HOPE it's Conda and Kim, but knowing how this season going, probably not, lol.

    1. You know, I didn't even think of that. Look at the first week Daphne was on the ranch - she only lost 1lb after losing 24lbs at home. It could have totally been her body, and not the game play.

      With that said, it's obvious that Daphne succeeds more at home. The drive was placed in her when she was told that she could get on the ranch if she lost weight at home. She learned what she needed to before she even got on the ranch. I don't think she realized that once she got there - she'd be better off at home. The negativity was messing with her..and she didn't like it. As much as I think she got a horrible deal from those horrible people, I do feel that being at home is best for her - and that she or Adrian have the best chances for the at-home prize.

      Oh, and don't even get me started on the lying aspect. They wanted to get rid of Daphne for lying - and then they stood there and lied to the entire country about throwing the weigh in. If honesty is so important for them, they should of had the balls to get on that scale and say "I'm expecting a bad number because this week I didn't really try". I wonder how they explained themselves to their family members once the shots of them eating crap all week were aired. Totally shameful!!


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