Thursday, April 26, 2012

Biggest Loser Breakdown - It's Finally Almost Over

Dear Diary...

Mad.  Ticked off.  Disgusted. 

Just three of many, many words I could use to describe this season of TBL - and what I'm thinking about next week's finale.  It's so bad, I don't want to even watch next week - and the only reason I'm going to is because I want to see how awesome the contestants that went home look. 

The fact that there's a 2 in 3 shot of a Britt winning the whole thing makes my blood boil.  It's ridiculous - and I, along with the majority of TBL viewers - are completely outraged.

This week's episode was about finding the 3rd finalist.  Conda and Kim already made it through last week.  Jeremy was eliminated, but given a shot to go up against the eliminated contestants for another shot.  Even though he was totally against the eliminated players getting another shot - because they "didn't work as hard as he did". .WAH!

All the contestants that didn't quit were given another shot.  The first order of business was to weigh them all in.  Only the top 8 losers were going to be allowed to move on to the next round.  Those that made it were Chris, Mike (eliminated week 2), Megan, Cassandra, Emily, Kimmy, Lauren, and Jeremy. 

Despite Jeremy's rant about no one else working as hard as he did?  Well, Mike - who was eliminated week 2 because Conda didn't like him - came in 2nd.  Right under Jeremy.  He lost almost the same amount as Jeremy - being at home the whole freakin' time.  I think that was pretty amazing.  I was praying that he'd be the one to get a spot - just to rub it in all their faces that he was gone the whole time, and could still win the whole thing.

The next leg of the challenge was a 100 yard dash.  Chris wasn't medically cleared to compete - so she was automatically eliminated.  That pissed me off a little.  They would have known ahead of time that she wasn't medically fit to compete - so she shouldn't have even been given the chance to compete.  That spot should have gone to the next person in line.  A bit messed up, if you ask me.  The first five contestants to finish were able to move on.  Those five were Mike, Megan, Cassandra, Lauren, and Jeremy - by the freakin' skin of his teeth.  He and Kimmy finished almost neck and neck.  I didn't care for Kimmy - but I would have liked to see her take him out.  Apparently I was not going to get what I wanted at all this week.

The next challenge was a puzzle.  The first three contestants that matched the food to the calories went on to the final round.  Mike finished first.  Again, the person with the least amount of time on the ranch finished the calorie/food matching puzzle in no time.  Then Jeremy got it (dang it!) and lastly it was Lauren who finished.

Last round was balancing on a pole while holding on to a cardboard finale ticket over their head.  Lauren was the first to drop.  Mike and Jeremy battled it out for hours - moving to one arm and then one leg.  I was screaming at the TV for Mike to hold on - to not let go... but the cold got to him and he just couldn't do it anymore.  He feel, leaving Jeremy holding the 3rd spot. 

With Jeremy and Conda still having so much weight to lose - I doubt that Kim will be able to pull off enough weight to beat either of them next week.  No doubt one of them will win - which will make my blood boil.

This season has been the worst by far in the history of TBL.  That's no secret or surprise.  We've known that for weeks and weeks.  But, one thing that has happened out of this season - I now realize that Biggest Loser results aren't just available on the ranch.  Those eliminated contestants - most of them - did just a good a job as Conda or Jeremy.  Mike lost 114lbs after only being at the ranch 2 weeks!  If that's not motivational - I don't know what is. 

I've realized I don't have to watch a show with a bunch of sniveling, spoiled, catty, immature contestants to get motivation to help me lose weight.  If anything, everyone of those eliminated players were better off by not having to be around those that made it to the end.  Because the Britts are poison.  They are mean, deceitful, and wicked.  I have no doubt in my mind that they'll win that money - and then go off and gain every pound of the weight back.  Because it's not about changing their lives - it's about winning the money.  That makes me very sad.

So, yes, I'll watch next week's finale.  But not to see who the Biggest Loser is.  I want to see who the at-home winner is.  I'm rooting for Mike - he deserves it.  He was forced out of the house because of Conda's vindictiveness, and still managed to kick ass.  It would be great for him to show America that they don't have to watch the show for results.  He's an example of that. 

All I know is that I won't be giving next season so many chances.  The first hint I get to another Conda being on the show - and I'm DONE with Biggest Loser for GOOD!

Till next time. ;)

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  1. Well, I didn't watch this week and so I thank you for saving me the hour of my life. It's on my dvr though, so I might watch just to see how the at-home contestants are looking.

    I really will be angry if Jeremy/Conda wins. I look at Conda and I just think her weight loss is pathetic!! UGHkjaldkjfaldkfj makes me so mad!!lolol


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