Thursday, April 12, 2012

Biggest Loser Breakdown...Kind Of

Dear Diary...

Sorry my post is kinda late.  It's not my fault.  Blame Bobby Petrino.  Don't know who that is?  Well, just enter his name into Google and you'll have all the information you need.  But, to save you some time, I'll tell you that he was the head football coach at the University of Arkansas until he got fired Tuesday night because he had an affair with a much younger female employee. 

Why is it his fault that I didn't get my BL Breakdown post done this morning?  Well, because I live in NW Arkansas - the home of the University of Arkansas - Bobby Freakin' Petrino has been all over our local news for the last week.  He was fired Tuesday night - right as The Biggest Loser was about to start - and our local station thought that news was much more important than airing this week's episode of BL.  Being that I went to bed super early Tuesday night - I didn't realize it until I was about to watch BL last night...and discovered it was an hour of Bobby Petrino news instead.  UGH!!

So, I got up this morning and watched BL on  It was the only way - and that meant having to wait until this evening to do my post.  Feel free to send letters to the University addressing them with your disgust and outrage at my having to postpone my blog post on account of their head football coach playing naughty with an employee.

Anywho - let's get to the breakdown, shall we?

This week was part 2 of Makeover week.  It was only an hour long.  The first fifteen minutes of the show was still at the White House with Michelle Obama.  She spoke to each player individually - and then she spent 20 minutes working out with them.  I thought it was really awesome.  I don't give a flying toot about the players - but I do think it's nice that our First Lady is cool enough to hang with normal people and work-out. 

The rest of the episode between that and the weigh-in should have basically been called The Chris Whaa Show.  Cause it was all about Chris feeling sorry for herself, missing her husband, her husband telling her to come home, and then she "binged".  Why did I put binge in quotations, you ask?  Cause I say the whole thing was ridiculous.  It had staged written all over it.  She sat on her hotel bed with a cheeseburger, a grilled cheese, a tub of mayo, a tub of peanut butter, a chocolate bar, and a banana.  Where the heck did that all come from?  Such a fake!  The whole country got to see her eating the crap food - even putting peanut butter and mayo on the burger at one point.  It was disgusting. 

Then, she had the balls to cry to Bob during the weigh in the next day.  For once, Bob finally stood up to her and wasn't having any of her whiny BS.  He told her to either suck it up or go home.  She said she was going to suck it up - but I knew after that fiasco we'd seen 3 minutes earlier...she was going home.

Finally, it was time for the weigh-in.  Buddy did really well, Jeremy did really well, Mark did OK, Conda did OK.  Kim only lost 2lbs which put her below the yellow line.  And then came Chris.  She gained 2lbs.  Show of hands who's surprised?  No?  No one?  Yeah - me either.  I knew it was coming before she even got up there.  The best moment of the whole night was Allison before Chris got on the scale.  Chris started whining about having a bad week and then binging.  Allison looked at her with a disgusted look, said "alright", and then waited for the number.  Absolutely no sympathy.  Magical!

I have to say I was very surprised during the vote off.  Kim was below the yellow line with Chris.  It would have made much more sense to send Kim home - because she's the biggest threat.  She's currently the biggest loser in the house.  Conda went first.  She stated something about Chris' head not being in the game - and voted for Chris.  Then, Buddy was next.  Chris only needed 2 votes to be sent home.  Buddy started saying how voting for Kim would make more sense, biggest threat, blah, blah - stuff I've already said - and then he voted for Chris!  Historical!  He referred to Kim as being like a little sister to him.  It almost brought tears to my eyes seeing Kim so relieved.  I said almost.  At the end of the show, we got to see Chris - and she's doing well at home.

Now, between you and me, I've got some weird feeling going on that Buddy wants his team to be in the final four - which would mean Buddy, Mark, Jeremy, and Kim.  NOT Conda.  Just a feeling - that's why it's just between you and keep it on the DL, m'kay?

So, the part of the show that has gotten the most attention from the "fans" this week (yes, there I go with the quotations again) was the preview for next week's show.  We've finally gotten to the Walk Out!  It happens next week!  Four contestants will leave, two won't be allowed to come back - or so that's what everyone has said in the tabloids and online.  I'm kinda hoping it's Mark and Conda that leave... but I know that Conda won't leave without Jeremy or Jeremy won't let Conda leave.  I have a horrible feeling that it's Mark and Buddy that doesn't come back.  Man, I've never wanted to be more wrong in my life.

Lets all get together and send positive ju-ju vibes that Conda, Jeremy, Mark, and Buddy walk off - and because the producers have finally come to their senses about how horrible Conda and Mark are...they are the two that the producers don't let come back.  Sound good?  That would leave Kim, Jeremy, and Buddy - the three that I can tolerate the most.  Then, the producers can bring an eliminated player back for the final four...lets say Adrian or Daphne.  That sound good to everyone else?  NBC should totally hire me for casting - I'd never let the appalling crap that's happened this season happen. 

Alright - that's it for this week.  You can bet your last dollar that I won't be going to bed early next Tuesday night.  I'll be in front of that TV - along with the rest of America that still has some interest in this season..and maybe a few that haven't had any interest this entire season.  Don't forget to keep your fingers crossed and be sending out those ju-ju vibes.  K?

Oh, and make sure you come back tomorrow.  I actually have some semi-positive news to report.  You don't want to miss it!

Till next time. ;)

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