Wednesday, April 04, 2012

There's More to Life

Dear Diary...

Raindrops on roses...whiskers on kittens....

Both make me sneeze like crazy...not sure why the heck I'd want to think about things that make me sneeze.  I'm allergic to cats - and right now, I want to stay clear from anything that produces pollen. 

Already diverted from what I was going to say.  That can't be good.  Must. Stay. Focused!

There was a reason I started the post off like that.

So, here's the dealeo.  I'm bored.  I'm bored of talking about losing weight.  I'm tired of talking about my allergies.  I'm sick of sharing how my allergies are affecting my going to the gym.  B-O-R-E-D I tell ya!

There's so much more to my life than weight loss and allergies.  OK, not too much more - but a little more. 

I want a day off from weight loss talk - so you can hear about some other stuff that's happening with me.  It may not be as thrilling and seat gripping as my usual banter... you were able to pick up on the sarcasm in that, right?  But everyone needs a day off now and then - to recharge and rediscover that there's just more to life than calorie counting and avoiding sweet temptations.  But, alas, this is a weight loss blog.  It would be nice to take a day off - but I've got to keep my head in the game.

If I were to take a day off from weight loss blogging, I'd be able to tell you that...

I'm only a few days away from being a part of my first ever Benchmark test.  Last year, during student teaching, I did ITBS testing for 2nd grade.  Now that I'm working with 3rd - 5th graders, I get to go through the Benchmark experience.  Five days of standing silently in a classroom, walking aimlessly around in circles, watching my precious kiddos try to stay focused - while I try to stay focused.  Sounds amazing, doesn't it? It's OK to admit how jealous you are.

This weekend, I might take the kiddos to see Hunger Games.  Might because I have to see how my awful cough is.  I don't want to be "one of those people" that sit through a movie hacking and coughing the whole time.  Although, I really want to see it.  I haven't read the book yet, which is very unlike me - but Peanut has read the first and second books...and she can't wait to see it.

My new favorite song right now is We Are Young, by Fun.  The lyrics don't cosmically relate to my life.  The song doesn't remind me of anyone or anything.  It's just a damn good song - and every time I hear it, I want to bust out singing and dancing.  Go ahead and hold on to that mental picture.  

I've become almost obsessed with looking at real estate websites for new houses.  Not because I'm planning on moving anytime soon - just because I dream about moving.  Yes, I want a new house - one day.  First, I have to have a teaching job - and Hubby and I have to have a down payment and finish fixing our credit.  But, I can't help going to the websites and looking at houses I'd love to buy.  I have also learned that houses are so stinking cheap right now - it makes it even harder on me.  When I can find a 2232sq ft house - 4 bedroom, 3 bath - that's only 10 years old, for less than $100,000....I want to run straight to the bank and beg them to give me a loan.  *Sigh*  I just hope houses are still this cheap this time next year, when (if I have a job) moving might be closer to a reality than a dream.

Last week, I got my very first Scentsy plug-in.  I won it playing bingo at a fundraiser.  I've wanted one for ages - but just could never justify paying that much for a plug-in air freshener.  Once I won it, I bought a bunch of Scentsy bars - and now my bathroom and bedroom smell amazing.  One day, I'll buy a few more to plug in around the house.  Or maybe wait until I have a new house - and decorate with fancy Scentsy warmers.  

I also jumped on another extremely expensive, can't believe I paid that much band wagon.  I ordered my first Thirty-One bags.  Just like Scentsy, I've wanted one - bad - but funds are tight, ya know?  Well, I decided to use a little of the tax money I'd put aside to treat myself with - and bought a new bag and a thermal tote.  I can't wait to get them - I'll be sure to post pictures.  

Butter is the closest to being on track with his reading goal than he ever has.  That's big news.  He's struggled so much the past two quarters with his reading - I'm thrilled that this time around, he's doing what he's gotta do.  I'm sure the prospect of fun stuff like Field Day and other activities that he'd miss out on if he doesn't read has some small role in all of it.  I don't care, though.  Whatever can get that boy to read - and meet his goal - is A-OK with me!

Peanut is in full social mode.  She's planning a skating party for her birthday. Notice how I said she's planning it?  Yeah.  Apparently, she's not turning 12 in a week and a half - she's turning 16.  But whatev.  She's happy.  I'm happy.  If she wants to go skating for her birthday - then the girl can go skating for her birthday.

Jelly has turned in to a lean, mean, vegetable eating machine.  It's crazy! The girl loves her some veggies.  Apparently, my recent food changes have had some affect on the household.  She's also not so picky with eating dinner.  My baby girl is growing up so fast.  Ahh...where does the time go?

So, as you can see, if I were to take a day off from discussing weight loss - you'd be able to see that life is pretty good for me right now.  Despite the fact that I've been grumbly and rumbly the past few weeks days, I have a lot to be happy about. 

I really must remember to share with you - one day - what life is like on the outside of weight loss.  One day.

Till next time. ;)

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  1. Where do you live??? I'm coming to buy a house next to you. It's AMAZING how real estate prices are so different around the county. I should send you a link of what I could get here for $100,000. Think a shed - maybe with a window.

    You got lots of good stuff going on and it sounds like the kids are doing great!!

    Good lunck with the Benchmarks. I did that during one of my internships in grad school and I remember that not being very fun.


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