Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Is it Friday Yet?

Dear Diary...

Seriously.  Is it?  Cause if it's really only Wednesday - I may scream.  If you had asked me this time last week what I disliked about teaching - I would have told you nothing.  There wasn't anything I disliked about teaching.  Now, after spending two days in almost complete silence, pacing around the room, with nothing to do but make eye contact with a bunch of kiddos that are stressed to the max and try and make them less stressed with nothing more than a smile?  Oh.  Pure and utter torture!  I officially dislike having to give the Benchmark test.  There, I said it. 

And I still have 3 days to go.

On a more positive note - I stuck to my Subway breakfast and lunch plan yesterday.  I got a ham and egg white flat bread for breakfast and a black forest ham flat bread - loaded with veggies - for lunch.  The total cost?  $3.82.  For both. You can't even buy breakfast for that much at McDonald's.  And I got breakfast AND lunch!  Thank you, Buy One Get One at Subway!

I'll admit.  I did have a couple pieces of chocolate - fun size pieces.  It's a stress thing, I guess.  Or maybe an exhaustion thing.  Whatever it was - I was weak...but it wasn't near as bad as Monday.  So, maybe I'll continue to improve each day.  Today, I'm going to take some grapes to work for an afternoon snack.  Maybe that will help keep me away from the treat table. 

Before the test got started, I took the kids for a quick walk around the track on the playground.  It's about 1/4 mile.  I went around 1 1/2 times.  I paced around the room quite a bit during the test.  Did a few jumping jacks, ran in place and lots of stretching in between tests.  Then, I finished my day out with 40 minutes of playing soccer.  I think I'm officially getting more exercise this week than I have in the past month.  Can't complain about that, I suppose.  My water intake has suffered a little, though.  Because I only get two bathroom breaks - I have to be very careful how much water I consume.  I think I've been drinking about 40ozs each day - if that.

Last night, I was absolutely exhausted.  I feel asleep on the couch around 4:30 - and Hubby woke me up for dinner at 5:30.  I just couldn't keep my eyes open.  I finally gave up and went to bed around 7:30...and I must have fallen asleep quickly, cause I don't remember anything after that.  Then, I was woken up at 2:40 this morning to the sound of rain - through my open windows.  So, I got up and rushed around closing all the windows.  I went back to bed, fell straight back to sleep, and slept until 4:30. 

I know things have been pretty blah on my blog lately.  I just hope you can bare with me for a few more days.  Once this week is over, I'll be able to replace my Benchmark stress with job hunting stress.  Aren't you excited?  Come on, you can admit it. 

I'm a little frazzled right now - if you haven't figured that out.  My eating and exercise are kinda the last thing that I'm thinking about - during the day.  I get to recollect while I'm sitting here each morning.  But I have to reflect.  I have to write.  I can't let go - even for a day - of my blog.  It's literally my lifeline between being the normal me and moving towards being the Warrior Princess Me.  The minute I let go of my blog - even for a few days - it's basically game over.  Luckily, in my video game that is my life - I have unlimited players.  I can get defeated, but I bounce right back each and every day.  As long as I come here and discuss everything that's going on with me.

Wow, I just realized I haven't mentioned my allergies today.  That must be a good sign, right?  In case you were wondering...which I'm sure you are... my allergies are slowly getting better.  I hardly coughed or sneezed yesterday - even being outside for 40 minutes.  Hold on just for a second while I do a little happy dance....without wheezing.

Tonight, I have to stay awake long enough to watch Biggest Loser.  I didn't watch it last night - and I'm trying to stay away from anything that could give me a hint on how it went.  I did already catch a Facebook status about next week being the walk-off week.  Now my interest has peaked 150%.  Don't worry - I'll be giving my full Biggest Loser breakdown tomorrow.  I can't let you guys down on that.  

Oh, and in case you were thinking about leaving me... because I've been so dreadfully boring this past week... I'll have you know that this weekend I'm going skating.  Can you say blog gold?  Yeah.  Me.  All two hundred and forty something pounds of me are going to get on a pair of skates.  It's for Peanut's birthday - and I'm sure she's going to be thrilled that I'm participating.  If that doesn't make you want to stick around and bare with me - then I just don't know what more I can do to keep you. 

But, until then?  Well....guess we'll just have to see.

Till next time. ;)

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