Monday, April 23, 2012

So Far, So Good

Dear Diary...

Well, I got through my first day of my new plan.  I feel that it was a good day.  Not perfect, but a huge improvement on my recent decision making when it comes to eating. 

I am very proud of some of my decisions from yesterday.  Like, my lunch for example.  I was meeting Sanity for coffee at noon - lunch time.  I knew I was going to want to eat.  We decided on meeting at Panera Bread.  Now even though Panera is a coffee shop with sandwiches, soups, and salads - I can easily pack some serious calories away by perusing the bakery or opting for a grilled panini with broccoli cheese soup - my usual go-to lunch.  I didn't this time.  I stayed well away from the bakery, and opted for 1/2 smoked ham and Swiss on milled rye bread with a classic salad - no cheese.  The total calorie consumption for lunch was under 400 calories.  I think that was pretty darn good.

That wasn't even the best decision I made for the day.  While driving to meet her, I was thinking about when I would get my walk in for the day.  I knew I'd get home early enough to go, but worried that I'd get home and want to do something very unproductive - like take a nap.  I then remembered that my gym bag was in the car - which contained my tennis shoes.  I was wearing comfy clothes, the weather was beautiful.  I grabbed my phone, gave Sanity a quick call and told her to wear the same - we were going to go walking after our coffee.

The whole time together was great.  We chatted for about an hour over coffee - regular coffee, by the way, instead of my usual mocha, and then headed over to the park to walk the trail.  As we walked, we chatted.  We talked about all kinds of stuff - including eating and trying to lose weight.  It felt so nice to have someone along side me while I was walking.  We ended up walking for about 45 minutes - double what I was supposed to.  But, when I really got to think about it - I doubt there will be many days where I only walk for 20 minutes.  That's about the time I'm just getting warmed up.

I also decided I'm not going to be a fan of writing stuff down in a journal.  I did write my food down, but as soon as I got home - I downloaded a journal app on my iPad.  It's not internet based, so it's my private journal.  I'll use the other journal for logging my food while I'm at work - or out somewhere else - but then I'll transfer everything...along with all my thoughts and feelings.. in to the iPad journal.  I write so much better when I'm typing.  The written journal will probably get quite a bit of use this week while I'm at work - I will write in it each time I get the urge to snack. 

I am loading up on salads and lean protein for lunch this week.  One day I'll go for lean meat, another day I'll go with tuna, and then on another day I might add egg.  I've also got steamed veggies to take - in case I want a change - but they take so darn long to cook in the microwave. I'm also stocked with fat-free cottage cheese, fruit, and Greek yogurt to use as my snacks.  I'm going to try keeping my protein intake up to help ward off hunger. 

At the end of the day, I have to keep what my good friend, Jenn, keeps telling me in my head: Progress, not Perfection.  That's what I'm striving for.  It's not about doing everything perfectly - it's about moving in the right direction.  As long as I continue to make better choices, things will start to move.  The scale, my clothes, my energy level...all things that will finally start moving in the right direction if I just keep making progress.  I have all the tools I need.  I've surrounded myself with journals.  One just isn't enough - and so I have no excuse.  If I feel weak, I have to write.  Simple.  Well, it can be. 

One thing that I have learned though my habits of starting this weight loss game over and over and over is that it's easier to stick with any plan on the weekends.  I know that sounds weird, but it's true.  When I'm at home, I feel more sense of power over my control.  When I'm at work?  I have so much temptation all around me.  Getting through this week - especially - is going to be a big obstacle to overcome.  I'm working in the computer lab.  That's a lot of sitting.  A lot of quiet.  A lot of time for my mind to wander to junk food and mindless eating.  But, if I can get through this week?  I can get through them all. 

I'm going to take one day at a time.

Till next time. ;)


  1. Whats up, girl!! I read your post yesterday and loved it!! I intended to comment but it was just a super/crazy day with the kids so I never had the time to leave you the thought out comment I wanted to.

    Well, I would say you definitely made progress this weekend!! First of all, way to go with making an awesome choice at Panera!! I honestly don't even know if I could handle being around all of those sights and smells to tell ya the honest truth. But you made some great choices!!

    I'm glad that you were able to get out for a nice long walk with your friend. This is good for soooo many reasons as you know! And I'm so proud of you for having the foresight to tell your friend to wear her walking clothes. It would have been super easy to make the excuse to not even go out for a walk because you had plan for your friends.

    What I love about this "New Joanna" is that you are setting yourself up with a plan for success. Which means you are going to do great!! All of these little decisions are going to start adding up and you are going to be rocking that white lace skirt in no time.

    I'm really proud of you for coming up with a game plan and making it work for YOU. You are a rock star!! Can't wait to see where this takes you!!

    Love your beaming body buddy,

  2. Awww, thanks!! I really feel good about this new way of living. It fits me in so many ways, it's weird. Rather than dieting, I'm just shifting my focus to being creative - and writing more. I'm excited about it!


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