Thursday, April 19, 2012

Biggest Loser Breakdown - Oh No They Didn't!!

Dear Diary...

I just want to start out by saying that you have no idea how much trouble I've gone to in order to write this post. My goodness.

I woke up nice and early this morning, ready to start pounding away about my horror and disgust over this week's BL episode - and realize that there's no internet connection on my laptop. I don't know why. The internet is working, the router is working, the wireless thingy mabob on my computer shows it's connected - but no internet.

I decided I would try and write my blog on one of my breaks at work - no luck there, either. The computers at school wouldn't let me upload the photo I needed. So, I figure I'll wait until I get home and write on my iPad.

That doesn't work because the Safari browser is all screwy, and won't let me upload the picture I need. And what's my Biggest Loser Breakdown post without the BL pic, am I right? So, finally, I found an app that I could download to use. It cost $2.99, but if it does what I need it to - it's worth the money. So, after all that whining, I can now write this week's breakdown...and boy is it a doozy.

This week, we finally got to the long awaited Walk-Off that was originally reported by TMZ a couple of months ago. Rumors swirled around that contestants had left the ranch, walked away from the show, because eliminated players were going to be allowed back on the ranch for a chance to compete to be in the final four. Then there was rumors that four had left, but only two were allowed back. It was rumor after rumor, and this week would finally reveal the "truth" out of the rumors. Or, what NBC wants us to believe, anyway.

Let me just go right in to saying how sick this episode made me. HOW DARE those contestants try and bully their way to getting what they want! Have they never watched an episode of BL before? Every freakin' season, eliminated contestants are brought back for a chance to compete to be in the final four.

The show started off with the camera crew trying to find the contestants. They were all staging a protest, and producers got wind that the contestants were ready to quit. Bob and Dolvett were called in to try and talk to the contestants - but with no avail. In my opinion both trainers looked about as disgusted as I felt. They tried to play nice and get the contestants to talk - but had no luck.

Finally, Allison showed up with a lawyer to explain to the contestants how they'd signed a contract allowing twists to the story line. The priceless moment of this week's show was when Jeremy complained that he didn't like the surprise - and the lawyer actually pointed out the part of the contract that states that eliminated players would have a chance to compete for the grand prize. Freakin' priceless! His face showed how much he did NOT read his contract.

Finally, it got to the point of revealing what contestants were leaving. I have to say that I was not surprised a bit to see Mark and Buddy getting in to the van to leave. Their "integrity" just wouldn't allow them to stay and compete with people that "didn't deserve" to win. What a load of crocking crap! I would go out on a limb and say that every single eliminated player are more deserving than both of them put together. The amount of backstabbing, whining, excuse filled garbage those two have spewed since being on the show made me very happy to say a big BUH-BYE to both of them. Of course, that meant that AnaConda stayed. UGH!!

After all the drama was over, Allison announced that the show must go on. The person with the highest percentage of weight loss at the end of the week would win a new Ford Eco Escape. The person with the lowest amount was going to be instantly eliminated. My mind automatically went to praying that Conda gained about 5lbs... but I just knew I wasn't that lucky.

There was some working out, there was some mushy stuff where the final three got to see how far they've come, and then it was the time I had been waiting for. Since the show was only an hour long this week, it didn't take long to get to the weigh in.

AnaConda went first. She lost 10lbs. I couldn't freakin' believe it. I was so worried when Kim went next. She is/was so tiny - I just couldn't see how she'd get the 7lbs she needed to beat AnaConda.

Then, she stepped on the scale and lost 15 Freakin' pounds. FIFTEEN!!! Can you believe that? I was so happy for her. I don't know how she did it - but she did. That earned her a loss of more than 9% of her body weight. Unflippinbelievable!

Last up was Jeremy. Boy, was Conda worried. One of them was going home. She'd lost 10lbs...surely Jeremy would lose more than that. He needed 12lbs to beat Conda. He lost 10lbs. DOH!! So close, yet so far away.

Conda then had a mini-meltdown and spewed out how Jeremy deserved to be there much more than she did - and then had the audacity to say that he had more right to be there over Kim. Hello. Has she even been on the same ranch with Kim? Kim has worked her behind off - literally - since she got there.

But, it wasn't over that easy. Yes, Jeremy was eliminated - but he wasn't going home. Allison announced that he'd have a chance to make it in to the final 3 (yes, apparently since the walk-out there'd no longer be a final 4 but a final 3) along with Conda and Kim, he just had to perform in one more challenge. That would be against the eliminated players.

It's funny, to me, how Jeremy was so quick to leave the show because he thought eliminated players should NOT be allowed to compete for the final 3...yet, I knew he wouldn't say that and leave. Of course he wouldn't. Now, I'm just hoping that one of the other eliminated players wins next week.

Yes, I'd have rather Jeremy gotten through to the final 3, but I just wanted Conda and him seperated. And finally that's happened.

So, that's it for this week. There's only one more show left before the finale. I'm very nervous that Conda is going to win. I'll be so upset. She doesn't deserve it. She's been a nasty bully the whole time. I guess we'll have to wait 2 more weeks to find out.

I'll be back here next week - same place, hopefully not the same time.

Till next time. ;)


  1. Hey..what's your take on Kim and Dolvett? Did you catch her speech "so glad you're my friend, so glad you're in my LIFE".....

    1. I totally think there's more than just friendship between them...but just my opinion.

  2. My sister thinks that Conda and Jeremy planted the seeds for the revolt, then let the other contestants go home so that their chances increase. Sounds like Conda.

    1. I thought that all along. Rather than stay because they earned a spot, they got worried and thought of a plan to get rid of some of the competition. They are the 2 most worthless players this show has ever had.

  3. I was thinking of you the WHOLE time I was watching - figuring you were as boiling mad and as sickened as I was. They acted like the people at home sat around eating bonbons. UM - at HOME is harder. With kids and jobs and no chef or controlled food or hours to work out or a gym. I have more respect for the ones who do it at home than those with the trainers, gym and chef at their disposal. JESUS. To me sometimes Jeremy and Conda look like they haven't even begun and Kim looks amazing and she's so tiny and manages to lose more than each of them BUT yet Conda says Jeremy works harder than Kim!!! OMG - I wish America could vote just so Conda would know how much America doesn't want her to win. UGH I was screaming at the tv!

    1. You know me too well!! LOL I felt exactly the same way. How many people wouldn't give their right arm and leg to do what they get to do? We want it because we know how freakin' hard it is to do it by ourselves. If those eliminated contestants have gone home and kept doing what they're supposed to do - then they deserve a shot just as much IF NOT MORE than the people left.

      They make me so sick!

  4. I have a hard time with the complaints about former contestants coming back, because Jeremy makes it sounds like it was an even competition and the former players weren't up to HIS level. NO, IT WAS NOT. When they were on teams, the losing team voted off the contestant, and it was more a popularity contest than anything else.

    I didn't like Kim in the beginning, but at this point, I'm rooting for her. Conda and Jeremy both seem like they've reserved a lot of potential weight to lose, and yet Kim is slim and still managing to beat them. Go KIM!


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