Monday, April 09, 2012

Not a Great Start to My Day

Dear Diary...

It's the first day of Benchmark Testing today. It's a day where I needed everything to go as planned. Not over sleep being the first of those. Got through that one OK. Then, I discovered that my laptop isn't getting any internet connection.

Writing my blog is as much as my morning routine as drinking a cup of coffee. Without it, I get all out of sorts. I feel a little cranky.

So, after trying to fix my laptop for 30 minutes - unsuccessfully - I decided that I would have to make do with my iPad this morning. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Except that it's pretty infuriating that I can get internet service on this, but not my laptop.

Of course, now I'm rushed. Because I only have about 10 minutes before I have to get ready to leave. It usually takes me about an hour to write a blog post. A decent one, anyway. Which means this one won't be great. As you've probably already noticed.

I'm a little nervous about today. Mostly because I still have an annoying cough. I feel bad for the kids that have to sit in a room with me, and try and concentrate on the most important test of the school year - which I'm hacking in the background. Not exactly ideal location.

Although, my cough has calmed down significantly since yesterday. As so with my runny nose. I've been able to breath quite well since yesterday afternoon. When, ironically enough, I decided to open the windows in the house for a while. My body never ceases to amaze me. I have seasonal allergies, but the one thing that makes me feel better is opening the windows and getting some fresh air. I also need to keep in mind that it rained all day Saturday - so I'm thinking the rain washed out some of the pollen.

I've decided to wear my work-out shoes to work today. I figure if I'm going to be on my feet all day - I might as well my tone-up shoes. It won't be much of a work-out, but I plan on pacing quite a bit in the classroom. That should burn off a few calories.

I also bought Natural meal replacement bars. I can't remember the name brand off the top of my head - and I don't want to waste any time going to look in the kitchen. I plan on using them this week for breakfast and lunch. I'm going to have a great opportunity to avoid mindless overeating while I'm locked in a classroom - so I figure I could try out a new eating plan...just for this week.

Hubby made a meal plan yesterday - so my meals for this week are all set. I really want to try and make up for the lost time I've had these past couple of weeks. I'm going to be curbing my calories - and trying to get in a little exercise. May 17th is only five weeks away, and I haven't given up hope that I'll be able to fit back in to my size 16 pants by then.

I don't want to mention that I had to squeeze in to a pair of size 20s this morning. They're semi new. I bought them off of a friend. Being that they are Old Navy brand, I'm not going to sweat too much about how tight they were going on. Name brand pants tend to fit on the smaller side. That's what I'm going to tell myself, anyway.

I haven't dared step on the scale for some time now. That's probably a good thing. My clothes aren't fitting any loser. I don't think I've gained. I shouldn't have. I've been extremely good with my eating while I haven't been able to work out. I should - at the worst - be maintaining, if I'm not losing.

Wow, can you tell how nervous I am? I'm rambling on like a bumbling fool. Get used to it - I'll probably be like this for most of the week.

Well, while not a great piece of writing - it'll suffice to at least get my blogging needs out of the way for today.

Till next time. ;)


  1. Good luck! I have a feeling you may need it with that test going.

    1. Thanks!! You're right - I definitely do need it. :)

  2. UGH! Totally sucks when days start off like this.

    I hope that benchmarks went okay for you. I get really anxious when I have a cough, too. I think the cougher always thinks it's worse than it is.

    Good news that your allergies seem to be slowly getting better. I was thinking of you yesterday - my sister's allergies were really bad and she was in agony. :( It really sucks.

    Keep working towards that goal, my Warrior Princess!

    1. I'm so ready for this week to be over. I never imagined it would be so grueling. I feel guilty for whining, though. All I keep thinking is if I'm having such a hard time with it - how are these kids dealing with it?

      I guess I can feel their pain - and I just have to do what I can to keep a happy face on for them.


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