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Biggest Loser Breakdown: Makeover Week Part 1

Dear Diary...

For the first week since watching the show, I believe that this week's breakdown will be the nicest one I've written so far.  It feels weird saying or thinking that.  I didn't even think it was possible that I would actually enjoy an episode from this season - but it's no surprise that Makeover Week was the one that would tame my inner witch.

Again, I'll give my usual SPOILER ALERT.  If you haven't watched this week's episode, but plan on it - then you might want to skip today's post - although I don't think I'll really be giving too much away.  Most of it will be opinion based.  If you haven't watched it and have no intention of watching it - because you joined the masses that are skipping this season and are just slightly curious about what's going on - then by all means, read on. 

This week was Makeover Week - Part 1. For some reason, the show was only an hour long this week.  It figures that the one time I'm actually enjoying it, they cut it short.  Maybe NBC realized that Makeover Week might warm some hearts...and it would be best to drag it out as long as possible.  I guess they've got to do what they can, at this point.

The show started off great from the get-go.  There was a challenge that got the week underway.  The contestants had to climb a rope wall, grab a baseball, climb down, put the ball in a slingshot and try and break the glass that held a picture of them from week one. 

I thought it would be a very therapeutic challenge.  I would love the opportunity to smash a picture of me when I was 100lbs heavier.  Of course, I'd have to lose that much weight first.

Anywho, the winner earned a 1lb advantage on the scale - but the loser earned a 1lb disadvantage on the scale.  Straight away, Kim was kicking butt and taking names.  She smashed her first piece of glass on the first try.  The contestants had to smash two pieces to win.  It was Buddy, however, who was able to break both pieces first.

Buddy, Mark, Kim, and Jeremy all finished the competition - and watched on as Conda and Chris were left.  Conda had a lot of problems.  I actually started yelling out loud for Chris to win.  Not because I'm a fan of hers - but it would be AMAZING to see Conda lose something.

Apparently, the TV can understand me when I speak to it - because Conda lost!  I cheered.  It may sound evil - but it's not.  It's karma.  It's about freakin' time that girl lost something.  She's lazy, mean, and vindictive. 

After the challenge, Makeover Week officially began.  The contestants received the news that they'd be doing their reveal in a very special place.

First, the contestants got to meet with the chick from What Not to Wear - the show on E!  She first let them know where they'd be doing their reveal.  They were going to be going to the White House to meet Michelle Obama!  How f'in cool is that?  She, then, had each of them face and try on their old clothes.  This may sound a little mean, but I didn't see much of a difference when Conda put on her old clothes.  Maybe it was the outfit she put on - but it looked like something she could still wear.  The other contestants though?  WOW! 

The most remarkable changes were from Kim and Mark.  Kim put on her old pants and they literally fell right off of her.  She couldn't keep them up.   The contestants then all tried on smaller clothes - and they looked pretty good.  Kim, again, wowed me with the dress she tried on  - that was a size 6! 

Then, they were off to get hair and makeup done from Jessica Simpson's stylist.  Sorry, I'm terrible with remembering names. 

One thing I really liked this week is the fact that they didn't drag the makeovers out too long.  Getting to the reveals didn't take long at all.  That's the only part I really care about anyway - seeing them all made up.

Each contestant were greeted by Bob and Dolvett once in the White House.  It was so nice to see them dressed up and a part of makeover week.  You could also tell by some of the reactions how shocked they were at the transformations. 

I'm going to admit.  I teared up.  A lot.  As each contestant was revealed to their families, a lump appeared in my throat.  I just couldn't imagine going months without seeing my kids or Hubby.  But I guess, if I was away transforming myself - I'd love being able to have them see me all dressed up and looking like a completely different person.

First up was Mark.  They shaved off the thing he called a goatee - and left him clean shaven and bald.  He reminded me of Mr. Clean.  He looked good, though. 

Then it was Chris.  Now, I don't want to sound hateful, because Chris looked good - I just didn't care too much for her hair style.  It was very short, choppy, and looked messy.  It's a cut that probably would have looked good on a teenager - but not a 42 year old woman.  Although, she looked YEARS younger. 

Then it was Buddy.  He was also clean shaven, and looked years younger.  I'm not sure I was a fan of being clean shaven - I think the rugged beard look suited him.  In a way, his new look reminded me of Jared, the Subway guy. 

Then came Kim.  Holy Moly!  She was the, by far, the most beautiful and stunning person of the night.  Bob made a comment about how she looked ready for finale - and I couldn't agree more.  She wore a tight fitted dress, her hair was gorgeous, her legs went on for days, and she just looked amazing.  I am officially no longer a Kim hater.  That girl has earned every minute on that show - and she's got the looks to prove it.

Then, at last, it was time for Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb.  That being Conda and Jeremy.  I'd admit, Conda looked good.  She got her hair cut and colored a dark blonde.  It suited her - and it did make her face look a lot thinner.  Jeremy looked good, too, but I didn't think the clothes they picked for him really showed off how much he'd lost.  He looked kinda frumpy. 

All in all, the contestants all looked great.  There was no negativity this week.  No drama.  I really hope that this week gave them all some much needed inspiration to keep going forward - better than they have been.

The show ended with the contestants and their families being led in to a room to meet the First Lady herself.  And, then the show ended.  Of course.  We've got to wait until next week to see how that goes. 

All in all, I enjoyed this week's episode and I'm actually looking forward to next week.  Only because I want to see them all work-out with Michelle Obama. 

I've been seeing a lot of negative comments about the FL being involved with the show.  I don't know why.  Mrs. Obama has been an advocate from day one of the Presidency for fighting obesity.  It makes total sense to me why she'd be involved with a show like BL.  I also think it's great that she makes time to do something like this.  I actually read comments from people that bashed her for "wasting time" with regular people.  Urm.. hello?  I like thinking that our First Family are regular people.  Why on earth are they too good to be apart of motivating people?

Of course, a lot of the comments are politically charged.  I get that.  I get that this is an election year.  But, come on people - give the FL some credit.  She looks amazing, and I think she's amazing for getting involved.  Lay off her, m'kay?

Alright, that's it for this week.  Be sure to tune in same time, same place next week for Part 2 of Makeover Week.

Till next time. ;)

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  1. Kim was stunning!! I'm definitley pulling for her to win now. Or Buddy. There's something about Buddy that always gets me! But then he'll go and say something stupid about 'the game' and I get mad at him.

    Talk about how I judge people by their looks - I actually found Chris way more likable with her brown hair and new clothes. Or maybe she was just less annoying because she was finally happy. Who knows...

    I think Conda has lost a pathetic amount of weight for being on the show this long. She looked pretty. That's it.

    Though I think this group of jerks is unworthy to have met the FL, I don't have a problem with her being a part of the show, especially because of her work to fight obesity. She's Michelle Obama has a fab body that she obviously works for so, lets see her do the damn thing!


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