Sunday, December 30, 2012

Please Don't Be One of Those Days

Not off to a good start here in my house.  Was up half the night with Jelly - who's still getting over a nasty cold and because she slept so much during the day yesterday, was awake until almost 3am.  I ended up sleeping on the couch for a while.  Woke up, and Hubby tells me that our water pipes are frozen. 

The stupid thing was, he got up and made coffee and washed some dishes and then the water froze.  He knew that didn't sound right, went outside to inspect, and found that one of our pipes had burst.  UGH!

So, now we are without water while he runs to Lowe's to see if he can find the right piping stuff to fix it.

I have to go to my parents' house today to pick up Peanut and Butter, so if there's still no water by the time I leave I can grab a shower there... but it's still a pain in the you know what. 

I'm starting to wonder if this is Karma's way of helping me get ready to go back to work.  I'll be so tired of being at home, that I'll bask in the thought of being at work.  It's slowly getting to that point.  Because Jelly has been so sick, I haven't had a chance to do anything else.  My house is still a wreck, my work still hasn't been started, and now even making dinner is a chore that's going to have to be figured out if we continue to have problems with the water.

I don't know what Jelly has, but it's not pretty.  She started out with a high temp last Wednesday that broke overnight.  On Thursday, she seemed to be getting better, but a trip to the grocery store wiped her out and she ended up sleeping most of the afternoon.  Same drill on Friday.  Seemed fine when she woke up, but after a couple of hours out running errands - she was wiped out and slept for hours. Yesterday, I gave her a day to rest and relax.  She spent the ENTIRE day in bed.  No joke.  I don't know of any 5 year olds that would gladly take the opportunity to lay in bed all day and watch Christmas movies...but that's exactly what she did.  And every couple of hours, she was sleeping again.  She got up last night to eat dinner - and her appetite seemed to be a lot better.  Then, she went back to sleep and woke up around midnight and was then up half the night. 

I'm starting to think that she has the flu.  I'll be calling the doctor first thing in the morning to see about getting her in.  Because each day she seems to be on the mend, I've held off just thinking it was a cold.  Now, I'm done waiting.  Five days of this has been quite long enough.  Thankfully, she's eating and drinking - so I'm not worried about dehydration.  It really isn't anything more than a stuffy nose and a cough - but I don't want to take any chances.  She's been off her feet long enough for me to know that she needs some kind of antibiotics or something to knock it out once and for all.

Just spoke to my mom on the phone and she informs me that Jelly left her mark before leaving her house on Wednesday.  My mom has whatever Jelly has, and so does my 3 year old niece.  Great.  I have to keep knocking on wood that I don't end up with whatever it is.  I've held that girl all over me for days and I'm still good... but I know I'm going to have to watch my exhaustion level to stay that way.  Now I'm praying to all things holy that Peanut and Butter come home to me healthy.

Well, I better take this opportunity to get off of here and get some work done.  Only a couple of days left of break, and this stuff isn't going to take care of its self...not matter how much I wish for it.



  1. Sorry to hear about your sick kid! Unfortunately, whether it's a cold or flu, antibiotics won't do a thing -- that would only work on a bacterial infection. I think either today or tomorrow is the first official day of the flu season, but it seems to have started earlier than it was supposed to! I was listening to a piece on NPR about this year's flu shot, and it's a really good match for the flu that is actually showing up this year -- that doesn't happen every year. I got my flu shot a while back, so I'm hoping and praying...

    Anyway, hope your hubby finds the right parts to fix your pipes, too!!!! Wasn't it just a year ago...???

    1. LOL - actually, I think it was two years ago.

      I have held off on taking her to the doctor because I thought the same thing - there wasn't really much they would be able to do for her. But, I've noticed some nasty green snot - so I'm thinking it's possible she may have some kind of infection in her sinuses or chest. Better to be safe than sorry, I guess.

  2. Yeah, then she might have gotten a sinus infection along with the virus. Poor kid!


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