Saturday, December 01, 2012

We're Off to the Zoo

Here we are, December 1st, and what's the weather like in my neck of the woods? Well, it just so happens to be cloudy with a high of 76 degrees for today. It looks as though the weatherman heard my plea yesterday, and delivered me some good news for today.

I wanted it to be warm today because Jelly decided that, for her birthday, she wanted to go to the zoo. It has been a long, drawn out decision. First she wanted to go skating. Then it was bowling. Next, Chuck E. Cheese got mentioned. And finally she decided that it had been a long time - so why not go to the zoo for the day?

Having a child whose birthday is in December usually limits the amount of activities we can do. Not that there's many years that the weather has been too terribly cold in December, but a lot of stuff usually shuts down during the winter around here.

Not only that, but the kid has Christmas to compete with. I really never wanted a child that had a birthday in December for that very reason. And now that I do, I refuse to allow Christmas to interfere. So, if the child wants to go to the zoo for her birthday - then to the zoo we will go.

Thankfully, I bought a year pass this year. I was able to buy it for the same price as admission for one day for a family of five. The pass gets in two adults and four children... perfect for us. And, we've actually used it a couple of times this year so it's definitely given me my money's worth.

I have been to the zoo so many times I now know the layout by heart. If the kids want to see a specific animal, I know the best route to take. I know the show times and feeding times for most of the animals. Not much has changed over the course of the past 10 years - but I still love to go.

I will have to buy the pass again next year because next spring they are opening up a whole new exhibit - that's going to be one of the biggest new exhibits they've opened in the ten years I've been going. Until then, we will make do with the same animals we've seen over and over again.

Hubby is actually going with us today. That's a rare treat. He's not really a big fan of the zoo, but a bit of persuasion from me...and the guilt trip that it's his child's birthday and he really should be spending the day with her worked like a treat. Actually, her birthday isn't until Wednesday... but well.. you know.

So, anyways, that's what we're up to today. Better get to getting.


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