Thursday, December 06, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

That picture only serves as a visual reminder to me as I'm writing my ten things this morning.  Cause, you know how the other day I promised myself I wasn't going to complain and whine about stuff?  Remember?  Yeah, well, I'm finding that very difficult at this point in time.

1.  This has been the longest week EVA!  Seriously, yesterday I really thought it was Friday... cause that's just how long this week has seemed.  Not because anything bad has happened, but because there's just so much that's already gone on...there's just no way I've fit it all in to three days.  Monday night I didn't get home until after 7pm because Peanut had band practice until 6pm.  Tuesday, I went the kids' county Christmas concert and didn't get home until after 9pm.  Yesterday was Jelly's birthday, and I went and had cupcakes with her at school.  Then, I got a text from Peanut's boyfriend's mom asking if I'd drive him home because she was at a training and wouldn't be back until late.  Finally got home around 5:15pm and spent the evening directing phone calls to Jelly, getting cake ready for her to blow out candles, and snuggling with her on the couch.  I am exhausted!

2.  The next week isn't going to be any better in terms of the busy factor.  Tonight I have tutoring, Saturday is the Christmas parade for the town I work in.  Peanut is marching in the parade, Jelly is singing in the choir, and Santa is going to be there on a big Christmas train.  It's going to be a long day.  Then, Sunday it's Jelly's birthday lunch at P-Momma's house.  Monday, band practice.  Tuesday, school Christmas concert.  Thursday, tutoring.  And then?  I should be done with the crazy long days. *Fingers crossed*

3.  Despite the crazy that's going on in my life right now, I have to say that I'm having a wonderful time at work.  I've really held on to my mantra of finishing the year with a positive attitude, and forcing it on to the kids.  We've laughed, joked around, and had a great time.  We're still working hard and learning lots... but I've taken a much more light-hearted approach to everything.  And you know what I've discovered?  The kids are learning A LOT more doing it the way I am right now.  Ssshhh, don't tell.  But apparently, kids learn more while they're having fun.  It's a secret I will protect with my life.

4.  So, I jinxed myself with getting excited about the possibility for some winter weather next week.  It's going to be cold... really cold... but that's about it.  No snow for me.  Maybe with the weather being so cold, I'll actually get some stuff crocheted - like I keep saying I'm going to.

5.  I was shocked, last night, when Jelly actually cried because I didn't buy her a pony for her birthday.  Seriously.  She even looked at me with those big, tear filled blue eyes, and said "You could have got me a fake pony, that would have been OK".  I reminded her of the recliner we got her, the trip to the zoo, the giant stuffed monkey I bought her at the zoo, the cupcakes, and the birthday cake, but it didn't do any good.  Normally I would have been a little upset that she was acting so ungrateful - but my heart still melted and made me hate myself for not getting her a pony.  Apparently the three gazillion stuffed animals she already owns just isn't enough.  Which, in her defense, doesn't include a pony.

6.  One of my kids at school made my heart melt yesterday, when I read her journal.  Rather than make them write a letter to Santa asking for stuff, I challenged them to write a journal with the beginning "If I could buy one thing for someone it would be...".  I had some really great stuff to read, but one paper really perked my interest.  One of my students wants to buy me a diamond bracelet because I'm such a great teacher.  She went on about how fun it is to be in my class, how I make them work hard but always reward them, and how funny I am.  I had to swallow a lump in my throat because of it.  My kids sure know how to shock the bejeezus out of me.

7.  Another funny kid from school story... A kid asked me what I wanted for Christmas yesterday. Another kid, without skipping a beat, matter-of-factly stated that I would be getting a fork.  I looked at him, rather puzzled and he said "You always say 'stick a fork in me, I'm done' so I figure you need a fork to stick in you".  I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.  It sure amazes me how quickly kids pick up on stuff I say.  That goes right along with the fact that almost every kid in my class now responds to a question with "I know, right?"  Which is something I say WAY too much. 

8.  I had a thousand things racing through my head this morning, which is why I chose to do a "Ten Things Thursday" post... but now, for the life of me, I can't think of much more to talk about.  It just goes to show that writing can really lift my spirits and make me forget all the negativity that's coursing around me.  

9.  There's only ten days of school left before Christmas break.  It's all down hill from here, right?  Only, I expected to be able to fill at least the last five days of school with fun Christmassy type activities.  Yeah, that hasn't happened.  I have full plans - full of normal school stuff - until the very last day.  Most people would just throw their hands up in the air and run with it.  You think I'm going to do that?  Oh no.  That just means I'm going to have to really get creative and find a way to include some really fun stuff in to my normal learning stuff.  I can do it.  I know I can.

10.  If you haven't picked up on it... cause I know that I've kept it to myself... but the wait between December 1st and Christmas day is excruciating!  I don't know why I get so freakin' excited about Christmas.  It drives me nuts!  I'm ancy, unfocused, and just ready for it to be here.  Just 18 more days.  I can do it.  I can do it.  I CAN DO IT!


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