Saturday, December 08, 2012

We're Off to the Christmas City to See Santa!

If you've read my blog for some time, you'll already know that I'm a big believer in signs.  Not the ones that tell you where to go or how to cross a street.  No, signs of life.  Things that happen that make you think - and then realize that there was some purpose or plan in store all along.

The rollarcoaster ride I took while looking for a teaching job was full of signs and signals.  I did my student teaching in an upper class school district - leading me to believe that I might get a job there.  I didn't.  But I gained a lot of experience working with kids that come from families that are super involved and have the means to financially and physically support the school.  Then, I took a job working as a Title 1 aide in a school district that had a very diverse and lower income population.  I loved working with kids that came from all kinds of cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds.  I thought all signs were then pointing towards me working in that school - with those kids.  Little did I know that all of those signs were actually leading me to where I was supposed to be.  I had to gain the knowledge and appreciation for the kids that I now work with...and now it all makes sense.

And if all of those signs just weren't enough, I ended up working in a town called Noel.  Yes.  Me.  The person that loves Christmas more than anyone I know ended up working in a town that has a literal meaning of "Christmas" in France.  On top of that, the school celebrates the Christmas holiday - all holidays in fact - which is getting rarer and rarer in today's world.  Oh yes, this is the town I was definitely supposed to be teaching in.

For weeks, I've been waiting in anticipation for the Christmas City to transform in to the winter wonderland I've been told so much about.  Each week, I would drive to work to see some new fixture.  Lights on stores.  Then lights on posts lining the streets.  Then, a little Santa's workshop decorated.  Then, a small nativity scene.  And last night, I noticed that a real barn like structure had been put in place ready for today's festivities.

Today, the Christmas City comes to life!

Starting at 2pm, Peanut is marching in her school band for the 125th annual Christmas Parade.  At 3pm, Jelly will be dressed as an angel and will perform in a real life nativity performance right on Main Street.  At 4pm, Santa arrives in a fully decked out Christmas Train.  And we will stand in line, probably for hours, just to walk through the train and give the kids a chance to see the big guy.

After all of the Christmas festivities, we're off to P-Momma's house for a mini late birthday celebration for Jelly's birthday.  And I couldn't think of a better way to end the day.

It blows my mind that there's only two Saturdays, after today, left before Christmas.  That means there's only eight school days left.  And only 17 actual days between now and Christmas.  That's just over two weeks, people!

I don't even mind that my calendar is jam packed for most of those 17 days.  The events are pretty much Christmas related, so I'm going to just go with the flow and soak it all up.  I'll get sleep during the summer next year.  HA!

Enjoy you're Saturday, everyone!  I know I will.


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