Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

1.  Getting an email stating that your student's Christmas presents are on back order and probably won't be delivered until after Christmas SUCKS!  It's enough to completely ruin a day.  I was so looking forward to giving them something other than a pencil and an eraser for Christmas.  BLAH!

2.  Somehow, going to work an hour later than I should makes the day seem ten times longer.  No joke.  Yesterday, I was absolutely EXHAUSTED by the end of the day...for no reason whatsoever!  I guess an extra hour of sleep got to me, put me all out of whack, and made the day drag.

3.  I'm in crochet crazy mode right now.  The temperatures have dropped in to "winter range" and now all I want to do is sit on the couch and crochet.  I'm LOVING the challenge of making infinity scarves...and I've had several people at work approach me about making stuff for them.  I just really wish I had started this a couple of months ago.  I might have been able to make some extra Christmas money had I really buckled down on it back then.

4.  Pre-teen relationships boggle my mind.  When I was in 7th grade, I had boyfriends.  I remember being pretty boy crazy.  I don't remember being so stressed out having a boyfriend, deciding he's probably not right for me, breaking up with him, and then wondering if I'd made a terrible mistake and taking him back... over and over and over.  It makes for one grumpy, moody, and depressing pre-teen. 

5.  I was actually asked by my administration, yesterday, what they could do for me to ensure that I stay with them at the end of the year.  I had to laugh.  Seriously.  Two people that took a chance on a complete stranger and offered them a job when she started to think there wasn't a school out there that would do that, asking me what they could do to keep me?  Urm, give me another contract for next year?  After what I went through to find a job there just wasn't words for me to tell them how crazy of a question that was to ask me.  Besides, I'm pretty sure my kids would disown me if I even thought about trying to find a job in another school.  

6.  Not only is my job proving to be the best fit for me - but it may appear it's also going to help me get back in shape.  My assistant principal is a fitness guru - of sorts - and he's started perking my interest to try the program he does.  

7.  Yes, I'm thinking about getting back in to the weight loss game as soon as Christmas is over.  I know all the weight loss people out there will cringe when they see that I'm waiting until after Christmas... but I am.  There will be weight loss, working out, and the works once I get through this holiday.

8.  I'm ready for Christmas break!  Big time!

9.  I wish I had a helper from the North Pole to help me with the wrapping.  I love it at first, but then I soon get bored with it.  I wish someone would come and do it for me.

10.  I better go and get ready for school.  I'm hoping that today goes by WAY faster than the past few days.  I'm ready for the weekend!!


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  1. I love to hear that the holidays are lively. I know what you mean about the crocheting frenzy. I wish I could just sit and knit! I love to wrap presents and I used to help with the church booth years ago that would wrap your presents for you. I haven't finished making all of the presents yet so I'm not ready for Christmas (but I want it to be here!).


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