Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Truthful Tuesday - With a Christmas Flare

To be honest... I never thought it would be so hard to find a cute picture to use for a Christmas themed Truthful Tuesday.  I thought I'd find some kind of cute saying or something that would have something about being honest and involving Christmas... but apparently, this is the best I could come up with.

To be honest... I'm really OK with the warm weather we've been having lately, but my interest was perked last night when I heard that there is WINTER WEATHER in the forecast for the next ten days.  So interested that I stayed up until 10pm last night just to get the scoop.  As of right now, there's a minor chance for some "winter precipitation" to fall this time next week... and I even heard the word "accumulation".  Of course, because it's so far out, the weatherman was very vague - but it was enough to get my excitement level to rise.

To be honest... As much as I'm looking forward to watching my two oldest darlings perform in a Christmas concert tonight, I'm not looking forward to not getting home until about 9pm.  I have to make a trip to Wal-Mart on the way home to buy Jelly cupcakes for her class tomorrow...so by the time the concert gets over, I drive back from Missouri, and stop at Wal-Mart, it's going to be a late night for me.

To be honest...  I'm so glad to be completely done with the Christmas shopping for the kiddos.  As in done done.  Not a single thing left to get.  All I have left to do now is take the kids shopping for family - and they only have a couple of people to buy for.  I've taken care of getting everything for the kids in the family - not including my own - so the kids just have to buy the gifts for grandparents.

To be honest... I'm a little disappointed that there's so much stuff crammed in to the calendar at school for the last three days.  I was really hoping to do some fun, Christmassy type activities with my class.  Of course, because it will be so busy those last three days, I really don't have to do much in the form of planning for those days - so I guess there's a bonus to that.

To be honest... I was in a really good mood at work yesterday, and it was all because of the kiddos in my classes.  They must have gotten plenty of rest over the weekend because they came back to school ready to go... something that's pretty unheard of this close to Christmas break. 

To be honest... I can't believe the boom in crocheted hats and headbands that I'm seeing this year.  It amazes me that I see the same headbands that I crochet almost daily for sale in stores for $20+, when I can make them for the price of a ball of yarn.  The opportunity for making a few extra bucks has eluded me again, because I'm the person that's telling everyone if they bring me the yarn - I'll make the headbands for free.  I guess it goes to show how good natured I really am.  And, of course, once I do get around to actually selling them - they probably won't be in style anymore. 

To be honest... Speaking of crocheting, I'm not getting very far with the idea of making a ton of hats and headbands with the yarn I have laying around the house for kids that need them.  It's not because I'm too preoccupied with making headbands for other people - it's just because I haven't done near enough crocheting to even make a dent.  I still have twelve days of school left, though, so I think that's plenty of time to really knock out several hats and headbands.

To be honest... This is probably the first Christmas in as long as I can remember where I feel like everything in my life is perfect.  Knock on wood.  The first Christmas as a teacher.  The first Christmas I was able to not worry about how I was going to buy Christmas gifts.  The first Christmas where the amount of presents under the tree don't matter - because I have so much stuff in my life to be thankful for.  I truly feel like I've tried to over compensate in past years for a not so great year by buying a ton of gifts for the kids.  This year, things are so great, I'm not worried in the slightest about how much I did or didn't buy them.  I'm just happy that things have all worked out for the best - and that we can enjoy our time together as a healthy, happy, and financially stable family.

To be honest... I've just decided I'm not going to complain about one more thing between now and Christmas.  Whether it be coming home from work late, unfocused kids at school, my own children arguing and fighting.  Just not going to let it bother me.  I'm going to bask in Christmas spirit for the next  twenty one days, and not let anything bring me down.  This is the time of year for peace, joy, and happiness... and I'm going to be the poster child for all three.

Three Weeks To Christmas!! WOO HOO!!


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