Monday, July 14, 2014

A Pool Day!!


Yesterday was HOT!  One of the hottest days we've had so far, this summer, so it was only fitting that I spend the day in the pool.  It's only the second time since we got the pool opened up that I got in. I mean, I know I've talked a lot about spending time in the pool... but what usually happens is the kids go swimming, and I sit on the patio watching.  It just hasn't been hot enough, yet, for me to want to get in there. But, yesterday, that all changed and I enjoyed cooling off and getting some sun.

The water has finally got to a tolerable temperature, so that when I get in I don't have to ease myself in slow and steady.  To me, there's nothing worse than getting in to a FREEZING cold pool.  I don't want warm, but I like it to be comfortable.  And the pool is at a cool, refreshing 86 degrees.  Perfect!

I spent some time swimming a few laps (got to get in some exercise) and then dug out my giant lounger so that I could relax.  Peanut spent another night with her friend, so it was just Butter, Jelly, and me.



As you can see in that last pic, Butter is making use of my lounger while I'm out taking selfies.  I'm too nervous to get my phone anywhere near the pool, so I make do by taking photos from outside of it.

We spent over an hour in the pool before Hubby came out and threw some pork chops on the grill.  As I floated around the water, I thought about the fact that THAT was what summer is all about.  Swimming, grill fired up, smelling the awesome aroma of food cooking.  I don't need fancy vacations or expensive day trips to really enjoy myself.  Just being with the kids in our backyard is like our own little vacation.

Peanut wants to have a pool party, soon, and I think it will be a great tradition to start.  An annual pool party for the kids' friends, some of my friends, and opening up our home (or backyard) for some fun.  It sucks that we live so far away from all of the kids' friends, but maybe a pool party once a year will be a way to give the kids some summer fun with them.  

The next couple of days are supposed to be much cooler.  In fact, the highs are only supposed to creep in to the 70s.  That's too cold to go swimming, but it'll give me a chance to get out and do some much needed gardening. Around the pool has really started to grow, with all the rain we've had.  Also, my little garden in the back is being overrun with weeds that need to be pulled.  I've heard that gardening is one of the best exercises, so I'm going to get my hands dirty and burn a few calories while the weather is cool enough for me to do so.  

Speaking of exercise, I'm already down 5lbs from when I got back from vacation.  That's a 5lbs loss in 4 days.  I'm pretty sure a lot of that is water weight that I retained while on vacation.  I spent almost 4 days walking, and not staying very hydrated.  My body, apparently, conserved water that needed to go once I got home and started hydrating myself correctly. 

I've also been eating MUCH better.  Vacation dining means throwing caution to the wind, and eating pretty much everything in sight.  That did NOT do me any good.  So, now that I'm home, I've been a lot more cautious about what I'm eating, and how much I'm eating.  I'm trying to limit my carb intake, and last night we ate pork chops (grilled) with beans.  Plenty of protein!  

While grocery shopping on Saturday, I picked up some Hormel ready-made meals.  They are only 240-320 calories per meal, and they are actually really tasty (for a prepackaged meal).  I got them to try out for when I go back to school, and the couple I've tried so far have been great.  I eat them without still feeling hungry after, and they only take 1 min to heat up in the microwave.  There's nothing worse than taking food to school that takes FOREVER to heat up.  When we only get about 20 minutes to eat, a five minute time to heat food up can really dig in to that.  Especially when we have to wait in line for the microwave.  Plus, they are only $2 each.  So, cheap, easy to make, delicious, low calorie... need I say more?

I know myself well enough to know that strict dieting doesn't work for me.  I do much better when I LIMIT myself.  Tell myself that I'm not allowed to eat something just makes me want that something even more. But, if I allow myself to have something, even just a tiny amount, I succeed and do much better.  Besides, every decent medical expert I've ever spoken to will tell you that you can't cut something completely out of your diet. Your body actually needs protein, carbs, and even small amounts of fat.  It's all about balance... something I know like the back of my hand, but don't exactly have the best history of following.

Most importantly, I'm trying to be sensible.  Crash diets work for a do weight loss pills... but they don't have lasting results because they can't be used forever.  The only thing that's ever lasted is just being sensible, moving more, and not letting my emotions control my eating.  Easier said than done, but as long as it's maintained, it really does work.  

I'm really my own worst enemy when it comes to losing weight.  I KNOW everything I need to do, but I'm like a stubborn child that has to be forced in to it.

One thing I'm really looking forward to is the fact that I'm going back to college in August.  When I lost 80lbs, before, it was when I was in school, trying to hold down a job, and taking care of the kids.  It was a non-stop, crazy busy, don't have a second to think lifestyle.  And it's what really gave me my most success.  I know that sounds crazy, but it's true.  And, yes, my life has been pretty crazy busy for the past couple of years... but NOTHING like it is when I'm throwing in college classes to the mix.  

Something about being so stressed gives me the desire to get out and clear my mind.  There's only once place for that to happen that's away from EVERYTHING...the track that I walk/jog on.  That's how I used to study, back when I was in college.  I would do whatever homework I needed to do, then go out for a run to rethink and remember every thing I had done.  

And that's exactly what I plan on doing this time around.

Wow... I had no intentions of getting so off track and making this so long.  But, well...that's what I do I suppose.  I better stop here, though.  It's Monday, so there's errands to run, laundry to do, and appointments to get to.

Have a great Monday, everyone!!


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