Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Day Two Vacation Adventure Continues

Travelog...Day Two...

We started out waking up bright and early so that we could head over to eat breakfast and pick up our tickets for the shows.  The breakfast buffet was AH-MAZING.  The usual breakfast fixings like bacon, sausage, biscuits, gravy, etc., but also TONS of other stuff like cheesy hashbrowns, an omelet station, pastry station, cereal bar, and waffles and pancakes.  Very similar to a Golden Corral Breakfast, really.  
And, I'm sure it's going to do wonders for the Project: Outlaw Run that I plan on getting in to.  That will, you know, help me lose enough weight by the end of the season so that I can get on that ride.  I only have about an inch to lose from around my waist.. so should probably avoid all the buffet places.  But, it is vacation, and I'll get down and serious as soon as I get home (famous last words).

After breakfast, we picked up our show tickets and headed to the first show of the day:  Amazing Pets.  It was a cute show with trained dogs, house cats, and even a couple of giant parrots.  Peanut even got her first taste of being on stage during a Branson show when she was picked to participate in a short skit.  She, along with three other children, performed a cute little song and dance on stage.  I'm proud of her for being silly, and I captured the whole thing on video.  She had a good time participating, and all the kids had a great time watching.  We weren't allowed to take any photos when the animals were on stage, but I was allowed to record Peanut and take some photos of the little fun skits performed during acts.  When I get home, and have better internet service, I'll upload more photos of the entire trip, and the video of Peanut performing.  She's the one in the blue, and it was hard to get a great picture because of all the lights.


After the show, we decided to cash in our coupon for a free game of miniature golf.  The resort has a new golf course:  Black Light Miniature golf.  It was very cool.  The entire place was lit up with black lights and reflective decor.  The only way we could really see each other was by our clothes lighting up.  

Once golf was over, we spent an hour or so playing at The Fun Spot, which is basically an arcade of games that give out tickets as prizes.  We had fun, and the kids won some little prizes to take away.

The afternoon was spent watching another show:  Comedy Jubilee.  Now, this show was great.  I was kind of worried about it, at first, because I really thought it was going to be silly and more for the kids.  But, I was wrong.  The kids had a great time, but I laughed so hard I cried.  The performers were HYSTERICAL and kept everyone very entertained.  The Branson Trio also performed several songs, and it was laughter and music for two hours straight.  Even though the pet show was cute, it was nothing compared to how much fun we had during the comedy show.  Even Jelly laughed her butt off at some of the entertainers.  She especially enjoyed the Emcee, Apple Jack, and was lucky enough to get a picture with him during intermission.  


Once the show was over, it was dinner time.  So, we hoped on over to the pizza place, located on site, and enjoyed some pizza.  After dinner, it was back to the hotel room for a break and then we decided to go back to the water park for a while.  

At 10PM, the kids and I went back over to the arcade for a party that was being thrown for all the kids.  They had free cake, popcorn, and music and we played games until 11PM.  That's when they had a giant balloon drop for the kids to win prizes and stuff.  My kids didn't make it out with any free prizes, but they all seemed to have a good enough time playing the games and earning tickets so they could pick their own prizes.  

By the time we got back to the room, the kids were all exhausted and went straight to sleep.  I made my way there after a while, and slept much better than the night before.  

I was awoken this morning by a loud crash of thunder.  It made me jump out of bed because I realized we'd left all the swimming stuff outside on the balcony.  I discovered half of our stuff still hanging up, but the rest I had to track down due to it being blown over the rails to the downstairs level.  

It figures that TODAY is the day it's going to rain.  We spent all day inside, yesterday, while the sun was shining.  Today, we're supposed to go do some exploring at Branson Landing (outside) and Historic Downtown (outside).  We're hoping the rain will push out while we eat breakfast and head on over to Tanger Outlet Mall.  Hoping.  If not, then we'll get a little wet, I suppose.

But, more about that tomorrow.  We're staying an extra night... so there will be plenty more to talk about in the morning.

Have a great Tuesday!


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