Monday, July 07, 2014

Day One of Our Vacation Adventure

Travelog...Day One...

We arrived at Silver Dollar City around 9:30AM.  The weather forecast, for the past several days, had told me that it was going to be a HOT one.  The temperature was supposed to top out around 94 degrees.  But, thankfully, once again the weather forecast was wrong and I'd be surprised if the temps even made it in to the upper 80s.  It stayed cloudy all day, and there were even a few sprinkles of rain here and there.

As soon as we got to the park, the kids wanted to head straight for the new roller-coaster we didn't get to ride on Wednesday:  Outlaw Run.  I stayed behind with Jelly and said a quick prayer before Peanut and Butter jumped aboard, as I looked up at the 162 feet of track they started chugging up, to be plummeted down on the other side, at an 81 degree angle going 68MPH.  They went up, they came down, and when they got off the ride Peanut INSISTED that I ride it with her.  Told me I'd love it, and just HAD to try it.  So, I went and got back in line with her while Butter and Jelly stood watch.  

When it was our turn to get in to the car, I jumped in and started to get buckled.  But, there was a problem. The seatbelt that first straps you in wouldn't go around my waist.  Now, I'm a good sized gal, but I have NEVER been on a roller-coaster, or any ride for that matter, in which I was too fat to ride.  NEVER.  And, even though I've gained a few pounds in the past few months, I still didn't consider myself too big to ride on anything.  But, apparently, my prayers were answered with the Big Man, and I wasn't getting on this ride.  

But the minute I had to walk away, not being able to ride, I started to get that urge to want to ride.  Isn't that the way it goes?  I was a little angry that I couldn't.  Angry at myself for being too big, angry at the park for limiting the constraints to not allow someone of my size (which is not exactly ginormous) to get on.  And, the whole experience left a bad taste in my mouth and made me start questioning my ability to get on other rides with my kids.  I mean, I knew I could get on the other rides.. I rode them only 4 days ago (and I've even lost 3lbs since then) but just the whole thing with being "too fat" to ride on something made me question each ride's ability to hold my weight.  A nasty blow to my self-esteem, but also a nasty blow to the realization that I really need to start losing weight.

Anywho, I let the situation go, and we moved on to the next ride I wouldn't ride on Wednesday:  The Giant Barn Swing.  Peanut and Jelly had rode on it, Wednesday, but the giant swinging arms had made me feel a little nauseous just watching them.  It's an ordinary swing, that flew up you in to the air at great speeds, and then flew back down again.  UGH!!!  But I got on it. Because I had promised that I would.  And, it was OK.  It was fun.  But I had to keep my eyes closed for most of the ride.

The rest of the day was spent riding on all the rides we enjoyed, and having a great time.  The other giant roller-coaster we didn't get to ride on Wednesday had to be shut down because of the weather (another answered prayer) and so we made do with all the other thrill rides that remained open.  

By 4:30PM, the kids and I were all ready to call it a day and head to our resort.  By the time we made it through the gift shop and back to our car, it was around 5PM.  Just as we were leaving the park, we got stuck in some MAJOR traffic.  I knew it wasn't just the park traffic, because even though the park had seemed pretty busy, we hadn't waited in a single line for a ride all day long so I know it wasn't too bad.  Come to find out, there was a major wreck, which kept us all sitting in our car for over an hour.  Our resort was only 7 miles away from Silver Dollar City, but we didn't get here until 6:20PM.

Once we checked in and took all of our stuff to our room, we decided to head straight to dinner.  We chose one of the restaurants located at the resort, and had a great meal.  As soon as we were done, it was back to our room to get ready to head to the indoor water park.  

The indoor water park is nice.  It's small, and definitely more focused for the kids, but it wasn't too busy and we had a good time.  I lazed around on the Lazy River and in the jacuzzi pools, went down the slides a few times, and just relaxed while the kids went all over the place.  One thing I really liked is that nothing is deeper than 3FT deep, so Jelly could go pretty much anywhere she wanted and I didn't have to follow her around.  Great for me, and great for the kids.  They could do what they wanted to do, and I could do what I wanted to do.

We left the pool a little after 9PM, and it was straight back to our room for some much needed rest.  The kids all passed out pretty quick, as did I.  I didn't sleep very well, but I never do when I'm away from home.  I was up bright and early this morning in order to drink a cup of coffee and write my blog... like always. 

It's just about time to go wake up the kids for Day Two of our adventures.  But, I'll share more about that tomorrow.

We are having a GREAT time, and can't wait for more fun today!!


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