Wednesday, June 17, 2009

60 Day Rehab Starts Tomorrow

Ok, so I'm revoking my participation in the 60 day challenge sponsored by the Biggest Loser weight loss twins that I blogged about a couple of days ago. It's nothing personal against them, it's just that their competition requires purchasing all of their products for their program. That's not really a problem, but being that I'm wanting to blog everything that I'm doing - I feel I'm going to be infringing on their copyright laws if I buy their products and then give all their secrets away on here for free.

Don't fret, my loyal followers, just because I'm not going to be apart of their challenge doesn't mean I'm not going to do one. I am, but I'm taking on an approach that I will design myself - and then see if it works. Rather than looking at it as a 60 day challenge, I'm doing a 60 day rehab. The way I look at it, drug addicts go to rehab to break their addictions - so I should enroll myself in a form of rehab to rid my addiction to food.

How am I going to do it? You ask. I really have no outlined plan for the 60 days yet, but I'm going to throw together all of the research I've done on my own, as well as opinions and recommendations made by medical professionals and do what I have to do to shed some serious weight in the next 60 days and hopefully change my life forever.

I do know how I'm going to get the ball in motion: a total body detox. Addicts have to go thru detox to get rid of the 'junk' out of their system - so do food addicts. I know I'm not going to get all of the fat that's been globbed up over the past decade in a couple of days, but I've got to at least restart my body and retrain it to like things that are better for me. The detox is going to consist of a 2 day fruit/veg/liquid diet. Now, being that this intro doesn't satisfy things like complete protein (meat and dairy) and carbs from grains (breads, pastas, etc), it should only be done for 2 days max. After the first 2 days, protein and carbs will be introduced on the 3rd day in small doses. Here's my line-up for day 1 and 2:

Breakfast: Lemon tea and a banana
Lemon has great antioxident properties. It actually helps dissolve fat, and tea helps with cleaning the body both inside and out. Also, for caffeine junkies (like myself) it helps with that fact. Recent information has also shown me that caffeine may be a clogger to the system - but coupled with the right foods can actually help burn calories, as it speeds up the heart rate.

Banana's help curb hunger and have good vitamins needed for a low calorie body cleanse

Mid-Morning: Fruit juice/water
Juice from concentrate is loaded with sugar, so the fruit juice will need to be freshly squeezed. If using concentrate, dialute it with half water half juice

Lunch: Bottle of water (20 ozs) and small salad (no dressing)
Drinking a bottle of water before meals helps control hunger. The salad will consist of lettuce, cucumber, onions, and tomotoes. Lettuce, cucumber and onions are water based veggies so hardly any calories - but very filling. Tomotoes help add flavor and are loaded with vitamins. Even though it's hard, don't eat with dressing but try using some lemon juice instead for a little "zing" that's usually added with dressing.

Mid Afternoon: Bottle of water (20 ozs) or glass of water dialuted fruit juice (half water, half juice)

Dinner: Bottle of water (20 ozs) Small salad same as lunch - can add variations of veggies - but keep the serving to a small amount.
This information is the same as lunch.

Evening: Any piece of fruit or a glass of fruit juice

Before bed: Hot lemon tea or lemon water
The lemon tea will help break down fats while you sleep. If you can't handle caffeine before bed, just drink warm lemon water. The tea at this point is merely for taste, and the added benefits tea has to your skin and body.

Ok, I will be starting my official weigh-in tomorrow morning, and will click some pics of my nightmarish self in shorts and a sports bra. I will post the pics -but will add a cautionary statement ;)

Ok, till next time :)


  1. Good luck to you. I could never eat a salad with no dressing. Your resolve is admirable.

  2. I'm pulling for you, and as soon as i finish stats - i'll be right there!


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