Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day 12: Getting Out of Weekend Mode

Today was a very trying day for me. Coming back from such a fun weekend, straight into work mode made for a difficult challenge when sorting my calories. I made the mistake of not eating any breakfast, and I was really hungry by the time lunch rolled around. I ate a turkey sandwich - and that fixed the hunger. By the time I got home from work, though, I was really hungry again. I settled for 2 poached eggs on whole grain toast. As far as the day's worth of food goes, it wasn't too bad - but I ate 2 servings of carbs and protein over my daily allowance. That can't happen, and now it's time to get into overdrive.

I found myself wanting to snack tonight. I had a epiphany into why I was so hungry - I haven't been keeping up with my water intake. For my first week of the challenge, I was consuming close to 60 ozs of water every day. When I went away for the weekend, I barely got a glass or two in each day. Today was no better - only drinking 1 glass.

It's amazing how much a difference it makes on my hunger when I'm swallowing down tons of water. It's a lesson learned, and one that I have to keep up with every day if I have any hope of making it thru the rest of the challenge.

I looked thru all of the photos today from my weekend, and it was quite devastating. I went with 4 other girlfriends who are all very thin and beautiful. It's so not fun seeing my fat ass standing next to them - but it does make for more of that wonderful visual motivation I crave. I've decided I MUST do something about my god awful arms. My arm flab is the one part of my body I hate more than anything else. I look like I'm gonna take off when I move my arms around - it's just sickening!! I'm gonna talk to Kara about doing some extra work on my arms...yes, I know she's not a real person, I'm not off my rocker - it's just the way I can connect with my workout. I also might dust off my home gym and start doing some weight training.

Ok, well, till next time. :)

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