Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Preparing for the Challenge

So, two days from now I will hopefully be joining the 60 day challenge to some major weight loss. Am I getting all giddy inside? No. I never like to get ahead of myself - the way some of the emails have read, I wouldn't be surprised if Thursday gets here and I'm required to pay a hefty fee before I can join the challenge...which I won't. HOWEVER, I am mentally challenging myself for a 60 day challenge, so if it's not the Biggest Loser Boys challenge - it will be my own.

I'm looking at this challenge as a dare, or a competition. I'm only going to be competing with myself, but in reality I'm competing with my internal demons that have been telling me for years that I will never lose weight. I'm competing with the people that look at me with disgust and think "she'd lose weight if she quit eating so bad and did some exercise". I'm competing with the struggles of facing my family and friends and the looks in their eyes of pity and doubt. With all that competition, it's no wonder I'm having to pscyh myself up!

It's kind of weird to start a diet on a Thursday, but starting on a Monday hasn't worked - so why not? I am going to take photos of myself Thursday morning (in shorts and a tank top..ahhh), and I'm going to do my first "official" weigh in. Then my challenge begins - either mine or the Biggest Loser Boys...depending on what theirs turns out to be.

I guess we shall see which path I go - but either way, I'll share what I'm going to do and all of my progress...of course. Oh, and I'm sure there will be some laughs and vents along the way. ;)

Till next time!

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