Sunday, June 21, 2009

Day 4: Still feeling great!! Next Weeks Plans

Yet again, another great day. I'm so sorry to disappoint those that were waiting for this fat lady to lose her cool during the hardest 4 days of her life..but fret not, there's still 56 days to go!!

Due to the fact that I knew I was going to eat some chicken with dinner tonight, I kept my daily intake to water only. I had 3 bottles of water, and currently working on my 4th. For dinner I had the chicken (seasoned with a 15 calorie rub) with a salad of lettuce, cucumber, onion, tomato and lemon juice/pepper dressing.

During the past 4 days my ultimate goals were to consume only fruit, veggies, and water and for my calorie intake to be around 350 calories. I kept with that goal every day. Even though I did have a small portion of chicken at dinner on the fourth day, my calorie intake stayed at the 350 calorie level.

Now the fun begins!! My plan for the next week is to add 1 carb and 1 protein each day. Not per meal, but just one serving of each to the entire day's menu. Examples of this is toast for breakfast, and a meat with dinner or meat and rice for dinner, or something along those lines. The rest of my diet will continue to be fruits, veggies, and water. No dairy will be added at this time. My calorie consumption each day should be between 400-450 calories. Another change this week will be the addition of steamed veggies, and more 'robust' veggies such as brocolli, cauliflower, carrots, romaine lettuce (rather than the iceburg I've been using), etc. These veggies offer much more nutritional value than the water based veggies I've consumed the past 4 days.

My ultimate goal over the this whole process is to detox and retrain my body. That will include slowly increasing my food intake each week until I reach the point where I consuming the "normal" 1200-1400 calories a day recommended for my current weight. This process is to give me the will power to control my portions and intake of junk foods. I have a very long way to go, but each day is a great achievement for me. I appreciate the support that I've already received - and look forward to sharing my journey on.

Wish me luck for the next week...till next time. ;)

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