Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend Update: I Failed :(

After a perfect week of doing exactly what I planned, the weekend of temptation was upon me - and I fell pray to the wickedness.

Friday evening, I along with 4 other women set off for a "Mommies only" weekend getaway. The plan was a 2 night stay in beautiful cabin by the lake. I had already made up my mind even before leaving that I was going to stray of course a little - as drinking was involved with the weekend's festivaties. The rest of the time, though, I planned on being as good as possible as far as my eating was concerned - and not over do it.

For the most part, I did pretty well. I consumed more alcohol than I origanally planned, but I wasn't too concerned with that. After getting a little "tipsy", I danced around the living room like a mad woman for a good 15 minutes - that's exercise!! As far as the food went, I did do quite a bit of snacking. Rather than snacking on potato chips and sweets, though, I focused on things like cucumber, hummus, spinach dip, etc. I didn't keep a count of the calories I consumed, but I'm pretty sure I went over my 450 cal daily allotment a little. Saturday was the worst day, as I had a hamburger for lunch. Again, I'm not going to beat myself up over it - as the burger was served with fries, and I had the willpower to not eat the fries and have them taken away.

This weekend was a test to my willpower in making it through the next 2 1/2 months. Did I pass? No, but I didn't completely fall of the wagon either. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity to get a way for a couple of days with some girlfriends, so enjoying myself for two days was the plan. I knew when I was messing up, conciously, which I look at as a very positive thing. I made sure I walked and I did plenty of swimming, so I at least managed to get some exercise in - not a total belly flop in my opinion.

One thing I did decide on the drive home yesterday was that I wasn't going to weigh myself this morning. I went back and forth on the idea all weekend. One part of me was telling me that I needed to see how much damage my binge weekend had done to me, but the other part was telling me that I would be too disappointed with myself if I'd gained weight - and I didn't need anything disheartening. I need to keep a positive mind thru my process, and constanly beating myself up over a weekend off wasn't the way to go. So, I decided that I have a week to make up for my weekend off, so by next Monday I can weigh in and hopefully be even more proud of my results.

Because I'm giving myself a week to mend any damage caused by my recreational activities, I'm also giving myself another week of 450 calories per day. I'm going to try and add some treadmill time a few times this week, in addition to my daily 30 minute workouts. Exercise really is going to be key in getting this excess fat off of my ass - and I've got to get off my fat ass in order to do it.

So, there's the weekend wrap up. Yeah, yeah, I sugar-coated my failure - I didn't stay strong when slapped with temptation - but come on, people, I'm only 1 week in!! I have a long way to go to get to victory, but one slight tumble isn't going to send me rolling all the way to the bottom of the hill!! I'm staying positive on this one!!

Till next time. ;)

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