Friday, June 12, 2009

My Twitter Crusade

I'm not really a new user of Twitter, I've been using Twitter for a while now - but on a personal level with friends, etc. I decided if I wanted to get my rants, raves, and messages out there - I needed something that could get some "followers" - so I started a new Twitter account: madfatwoman. My goal is to gain a trusty following there, and hopefully share and receive some wisdom thru this grueling process.

If you're following me on Twitter, or you're following this blog - spread the word for me. I would appreciate it. I am a person who thrives on approval and success - if I feel that my weight loss has some kind of positive impact on someone - anyone - then it makes it that much more worth the while. As my latest "tweet" exclaimed - I'm no Demi or Ashton - but I think I'm pretty entertaining (head starts to expand..LOL).

My goal is to reach 1000 followers...that's not too much to aspire to, if I can just stay away from the "earn money on Twitter" accounts - I might be able to do some good.
Oh - and on the subject of dieting - down another 3lbs!! WOO HOO!! Kara, my cyber personal trainer is very impressed with my progress, as am I. Thanks for the positive support, Kara!! ;)

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