Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Heading Off to Boot Camp!!

Don't worry, I'm not joining a branch of the military, I'm talking about FITNESS Boot Camp!!  In my day, and maybe still today, it was known as "fat camp", but I like fitness boot camp so much better.

While browsing around on a gym website the other day, I came across a flyer promoting their "boot camp" services.  The camp consists of a fitness program that's held three times a week for six weeks.  The sessions are all 90 minutes long, and are basically guaranteed to kick your ass.  The camp is run by several professional fitness "drill sargeants", that work on endurance, muscle toning, strength training and cardio. 

If I had read a flyer like that 6 months ago, I would of said "ha! Yeah right!" That was not my reaction after reading it.  I started getting that little excitement bubble in my stomach - and no, I wasn't hungry.  I decided to send an email requesting more information.  Today, I got a call from the camp organizer that is actually an ex drill sargeant from the army, by the way.  He was really nice, really supportive, and gave me a lot of great information.  The camp starts June 2nd, costs $249, and he thinks I sound like a perfect candidate.  We spoke for about fifteen minutes about my progress thus far, my lack of current motivation to work out, and my desire for a challenge.  He thinks the boot camp will help with all of those things.

After my discussion, I decided for definate that I'm going to do it.  I have an appointment Friday with him to sign up and he'll give me more information about the things I will be doing while "at camp".  So, move aside Biggest Loser, this fat girl is about to enter the world of extreme workout!!  Let's see if I'm so excited 4 weeks from now...LOL

Till next time. ;)

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