Sunday, May 23, 2010

Time for Boot Camp Preparation

So, I'm down to only a week and a half left before bootcamp.  I'm so excited.  My working out the past couple of weeks have been everything BUT consistent.  I'm not going to lay out the excuses because there aren't any - excuses are like assholes, everyone has got one.  It's just basically coming down to not feeling like working out...that's BAD!!!

To me, bootcamp is going to be that kick up the ass I need to get back into regular work-out mode.  There's just one thing that has been on my mind the past couple of days - and that is, I don't want to show up and be the only person there that can't do a single push-up.  I want to get myself into some form of mindset for the 6 week challenge that lies ahead.  That means, this week I plan on upping the ante and pushing myself through some hardcore workouts. 

Now that my office/ gym is all set up here at home - there's no reason why I shouldn't be doing this every day, but no good to dwell on the past.  This next week is going to be all about cardio and weight training.  I'm figuring 45 mins - an hour on the treadmill followed by some reps on the weights.  I also will throw some work-out DVDs in there - like my Jillian Michaels DVD or my Biggest Loser Last Chance Workout.  That's what this next week is all about - my last chance before the really hard stuff begins.

So, wish me luck - it's a now or never situation. I either work my ass off this coming week, or show up to bootcamp next week as the weakest person.  The latter is not an option - I'm too damn competitive for that.  Even though the bootcamp isn't a competition, it is to me.  It's a personal competition to prove that I can do it...the best motivation in the world.

Till next time.  :)

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