Thursday, May 27, 2010

Holiday Weekend Approaching...uh oh!! ;

So, it's almost here - Memorial Day.  The first of two summer holidays (4th of July being the second) devoted to fun, food, and drink.  I, like the majority of the country, celebrate Memorial Day by firing up the grill, filling the cooler with beer, and enjoying the day with family eating and drinking.  This year, of course, has to be different.

Memorial day just happens to be my holiday - meaning my family all come to my house.  My parents and I switch off holidays.  I get Memorial day and Thanksgiving, they get 4th of July and Christmas.  Luckily for me, my mom and sister are also trying to lose weight - so I will at least have some support for my "healthy-er" holiday.  We will still have the barbeque, drink, and fun...but with a healthy twist.  It's time to load up on turkey dogs, hamburger patties made from 97/3 hamburger meat, chicken breasts and fresh salad instead of the dreaded potato salad.  We grill pretty much Saturday, Sunday, and Monday - so I will be breaking up all that food between those three days. It's not Memorial Day without a drink or two - so I will have a rum and diet coke.  Moderation is the key when drinking alcohol - so two drinks will be the max.  The rest of the day, I will be drinking flavored water with fresh fruit slices and berry green tea. 

My point with all of this, is you can still enjoy the holidays - just change things up a bit. 

Till next time.  ;)

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