Monday, May 10, 2010

Slack Week

Since my race, and my knee injury, I have been taking it easy. That's really an understatement - I've sat on my lazy ass doing nothing is a better way of putting it. Training for the race really gave me a purpose to get out to the track or on the treadmill every day, and now that it's over I'm having a hard time getting the motivation I need to start again.

Don't worry, I haven't fallen off the wagon. Quite the contrary, in fact. My eating stays on track, watching my calories, eating healthy, all that jazz - but I just HAVE to get some motivation to start working out again.

Dear hubby wants to get our "home gym" organized because my work out space has become smaller and smaller over the past few weeks. The room doubles as a storage room, but it's now 70% stored crap and 30% work out space. It's really hard to focus on working out when I'm surrounded by towers of boxes. Maybe, once that is done, I can get back in there and start working out again. Until then, I'm going to dust off my workout DVDs and start doing some weight training. I've definately got the cardio stuff down, but the sagging skin is starting to appear - not good. I've got to start working on toning, or I'm going to have some issues. Moving aside fat rolls is one thing - but I don't want to replace the fat rolls with saggy skin..EWWW!! I know, TMI - but it's the truth.

I managed to break the 230 mark this week. I'm now down to 228lbs!! That I'm happy about - although it's taken me 2 weeks to lose 4lbs. That's not so good. If I was working out, I'm sure the number would be double - so I should try using that as a motivation. I'd really like to shed 29lbs this summer so that by the time I start teaching in the fall - I'll be less than 200lbs. Wow, it's so unreal to see a goal so close. The last time I was under 200lbs was 10 years ago!!

Ok, so there's this week's update - Till next time. :)

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