Sunday, May 16, 2010

Night On The Town - Nature's Cure for Stress!!

Last night, I decided it was time for a night out.  I sent out a public service announcement on Facebook to rally up the troops.  I managed to gather together two additional friends, and we headed out for the night.  We headed to a margarita bar, and then met up with three more friends.  It was amazing how friends, laughter, and a margarita can make all the weight of the world disappear.

I haven't really gotten into my personal feelings with my latest posts, but I was really feeling down in the dumps.  My motivation had really dwindled, the stress of going to school EVERY day and then getting all my homework done at night was leading to less and less sleep.  I was exhausted, frazzled, and just in need of some "girl time".  Well, I found all the medicine I needed last night.

Not only did my night out help lift off some stress that I've been dealing with  -but it also had a postitive impact on my weight loss achievements.  I've been out to bars and clubs with friends before - but I'm just usually the overweight buddy that offers a good laugh.  Last night, on more than one occasion, I was involved with the "prowlers".  Prowlers are those drunk guys that hit on the women at bars.  Most people feel that prowlers are a pain in the ass - and they are, especially when you're enjoying a night out with the girls - but to me, the prowlers last night were a confidence boost.  It showed that my weight loss is having some kind of impact on my personal appearance - and that was actually a great feeling. 

I also deleted a personal fear last night, thanks to my new found confidence.  I have always LOVED to sing, and LOVE kareoke.  I've sang in front of people before - but I usually have to be pretty wasted before that will happen - and I will usually only sing in front of people I know.  Last night, I was able to get up in front a crowded bar - sober - and sing not once, but twice!!!  It's such an amazing feeling to get up on stage and not think that the people are thinking "look at this fat ass trying to sing".  That thought didn't cross my mind.  The patrons cheered and applauded - and I felt GREAT!!!

So, I learned a valuable lesson last night - I'm getting my self confidence back.  I can go out with my beautiful, skinny friends and not feel like the odd ball.  An amazing feeling - and one that has refilled my motivation meter.  Thank you my wonderful friends!!

Till next time.  :)

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