Sunday, May 30, 2010

Summer Lovin'

Before I forget - there will not be a weigh-in post this week until Wednesday.  I've decided that being that bootcamp starts on Wednesday, it will be best to weigh in then and then weigh in each week on Wednesdays to track my progress.

Ok - so summer is here and it's hitting me HARD!  Yeah, the allergies suck, but I have also bloomed into wanting to enjoy every minute of it.  I broke my own advice on Thursday, and went out and bought a new summer wardrobe.  Remember the post where I said not to do that?? Yeah, well, I did.  The difference, though, I bought DRESSES!!  Yep, after the first couple of dresses I bought a few weeks ago - I just wanted more.  Wearing dresses is so much cooler during the hot weather - and they are so darn cute!  Also, I can still wear the dresses after losing more weight.  It was so exhilerating shopping in the women's department of the store, rather than the plus size section.  I opted for bright colors like red and pink, and also a couple of blue dresses.  I also got really funky and painted my fingernails - hot pink and purple!!  I alternated the colors on my fingers and toes.  Now, I feel younger, hipper, and just all around funky!! LOL

My family are all here for the holiday weekend, so going to have to keep my post short today.  I promise that this next week I will talk less about how wonderful I'm feeling and get back on track with the weight loss talk.  Here are a few pics from my trip to the zoo on Friday with my 2 year old.  The first pic was taken last year on our trip to the zoo, and the others are from this year....see a difference?

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