Monday, August 09, 2010

Back to Life, Back to Reality

Sorry folks!  No fancy themes this week.  No hard core words of wisdom or advice.  This week is my last week before the crazy that is my normal life kicks back into full speed.  I'm talking about coming to the end of my summer. 

This is probably going to be the hardest week for me in 7 months.  This week is jammed packed with family functions, parties, and school meetings.  This week is truly going to test my sanity - as well as my strength. 

My cousin, who I haven't seen in 16 years, came to visit us from England this past Saturday.  We stayed at my mom's and had a big barbecue Saturday night.  I was really good - I did drink, but I did not eat too much.  Yesterday, he came home with me and is staying until tomorrow.  I'm trying to think of things to do today, but I live in one of the most boring places in the U.S. - so not really a whole lot of options in regards of places to go or things to see.  Then tomorrow, we all pack up and go spend the day at my mom's.  Then Wednesday, I will be in a school meeting all day then back to my mom's in Oklahoma for another barbecue/ party with more family.  Thursday, another day at my mom's and then coming home that night.  Friday, another school meeting all day and boot camp that night.  Then a weekend full of going out with my friends and more partying.  I'm tired from just typing about it.

I will be missing boot camp tonight and Wednesday - and I'm really not happy about it.  With as many temptations and lack of healthy activity I'll be partaking in this week - I really don't need to be missing the one thing that keeps me totally on track.  Worst case scenario means taking this week as a mini-break, and jumping back into full speed ahead next week.

Next week, my teaching internship officially starts.  I go back to the grind of being at work all day, taking classes, having homework - you know - the "normal" life.  I figure that this week, I will keep up with my blog by rambling about whatever subject pops into my head when I sit down at the computer.  Being that I'm going to be pulled in so many directions - I really don't want to add the work of planning my blog posts like I usually do.  I will see how "winging it" goes - and apologize in advance for the strong possibility that this week can be full of not much more than just words on a computer screen. 

So, that's it for today - please just bare with me for the week....I will be back to my normal self next week.  :)

Till next time.  ;)

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  1. you do have quite a week ahead. I hope you can find teh balance between enjoying it and staying somewhat on track.

    P.S I write off the top of my head every single day LOL.

  2. I think I've decided I'm just not going to stress this week. Yeah, I'm probably going to sway off course a little...but I haven't seen my cousin for 16 years - so it's just this week. Plus, I'll be doing a ton of swimming, playing soccer..stuff like that. It will all work out - not gonna stress it.

    Oh - and sometimes my "best" stuff has come from just sitting at the computer and typing off the top of my head. :)


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