Friday, August 27, 2010

Ready for the Weekend

Well, my first full week of being a teaching intern has come to an end.  It was a great week - I learned a lot, but I'm so ready for the weekend.

This weekend I plan on focusing on me.  I'm going to get in some well needed and well overdue work-outs, I'm going to organize and clean my house, and I'm going to do my homework.  In between all of that, I'm going to relax and release some of the stress that has slowly built up.

I hate being stressed - then again, who doesn't?  But, when I say it - I don't mean the "I'm always stressed, this is no different" kind of stress.  I try to avoid stress in my life at all costs.  I try not to dwell on things.  My body has a built in stress garbage disposal - and I'm the kind of person that faces problems head on and then they are gone as fast as they came.  I don't bottle up feelings, I don't dwell on the "could haves" or the "should haves" - I just take what life gives me and deal with it the best way I can.  Today, my garbage disposal decided to break-down.  I'm now feeling the weight of stress - and I don't like it.  It has nothing to do with how much I have on my plate, or the hectic schedule that is now my daily's personal.  It's one of those things that you mull over in your head over and over - trying to find a way to get rid of it...but it just sits there, refusing to go anywhere. 

In any other type of situation, I take to the track and run my stress away.  Did I do that today?  Heck no.  I'm not really sure it would of helped - but how do I know?  I was just so ready to come home after work today - that I just couldn't even think about running.  That's a red flag for me.  Usually the first place I want to be in a stressful situation is the track...but I just needed to get home.  I know it's because I needed someone to talk to - and that person was hubby.  He's the only person I can talk to about the REALLY stressful stuff I deal with - and really get it out of my system.  He listens, I talk (or scream, or shout, or cry), and then he gives me a hug to tell me everything is going to be OK.  For the most part, that always works. It helped today, but I still felt some lingering I took to the final de-clogging tool, my stress plunger - and here I am.

Even though I haven't shared my stress causer - and sorry, folks, but I'm not going to - I know I can come here and let my feelings and emotions spew out.  Connecting this all back to the weight loss aspect - stress can be an enormous factor in weight gain.  If you're carrying around pounds of stress, you're going to also be adding on pounds of weight...eventually.  Now that my stress level is back down to the normal range - I can take advantage of cleansing my mind and body this weekend and get back to the calm state that I love to be in.  I'm going to run, I'm going to lift some weights, I'm going to organize and clean my house....all activities that make me feel good, and help clear out the clutter so I can be refreshed, focused, and recharged for next week.

Thank you all for listening today.  Before I go, I'm going to share a link I found on another blog that I visit.  It's called Blog Hop.  Here is a list of other great blogs - if you feel like doing some more reading.  Just make sure you come back here....tomorrow morning I will be up and posting like usual.  :)

Till next time.  ;)


  1. Found you on the BLog Hop! I absolutely LOVE the title of your blog!! I'll be reading =)


  2. Thanks, Katie!! So glad you did. :)


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