Saturday, August 14, 2010

Boot Camp Replay

Before I get started reliving boot camp for you all, I just have to take a second to thank everyone for the well wishes and thoughts that stemmed from yesterday's post.  I know that I was very vague with the issues that I am dealing with.  My point for the post really wasn't to concern anyone with those issues, it was more to bring to light the point of my amazing growth in regards to my healthy journey.  I understand that because I have such amazing and supportive blog followers, some concern would be there.  I appreciate that you care, and I appreciate that you didn't push for more information.  I am dealing with the issues my own way - but it helps knowing that there are so many people out there that care. 

OK, that's enough of the boo-hoo stuff for a second.  Time to get to boot camp.  It's a pretty short replay this week, because my lazy behind only went to one night of camp.  Monday and Wednesday I was with family - so I didn't go to boot camp.  I think I would of much rather been at boot camp, but it's OK I now know not to make that mistake again. 

Before I left for school yesterday morning, I told Hubby that I really didn't feel up to going to boot camp.  My mind was heavy, and I just really thought about giving myself a couple more days to recover from the stress.  While in my meeting, I just felt so tired, felt like I had no energy and it wasn't even noon!  It was then that it hit me - I had been without my boot camp for too long!!  I called Hubby as soon as I was done with my meeting and told him that I had changed my mind.  Boot camp doesn't just help me get fit and stronger, it has become my outlet to release stress.  I know that after a bad day (or few days in this case) that going to boot camp pushes my mental state as well as physical, in turn releasing any stresses that is clogging my brain.  Not just that, but the people at boot camp have a way of making all the bad feelings disappear.  They are supportive, funny - and my friends.  They know how to push me to my limits - and that's what I needed last night.

I started the night out doing some pull-ups, push-ups, and sit-ups.  My mind wasn't really in the game yet, so I didn't push myself as hard as I should of.  During cals, I started feeling why it is I should never take a week body loses some muscle.  Thanks to good ol' Jillian, though, anytime my feet hit the ground to rest, she was there to pick them right back up.  After cals, it was time for the obstacle course.  Miami sorted us into formation and off we went.  Running the obstacles the first time was JUST what I needed.  Miami was there the whole time providing words of encouragement and pushing me when I needed a little mental nudge.  After a single run-through, we went through the course again two times in a row.  By the third time, I really had to walk a bit but I kept on pushing myself....the stress wasn't completely gone, I needed to really hurt, feel the pain, and feel my hard work to get me to that place where I feel like I've given 110%.  I didn't get there.  During the last stretch of the course during the last run, one of my team mates (who is only 15 - and such a motivated kid) had hurt himself while trying to jump the wall.  I had to stop and help him finish. I wouldn't let him give up, I made him push himself to finish and run to the end of the course with me.  It was while running together to the end that the spark I had been waiting all night to feel kicked in.

It was a short lived feeling, unfortunately, because as we crossed the finish line I noticed a small crowd had gathered around the front of the gym.  Another of my team mates was having a seizure.  I saw her two little kids standing there, and my "mommy instinct" kicked in.  I immediately rushed over and pulled them away from the scene.  Once order, and EMT's had been called, Miami had everyone move on to some running.  I was asked to run inside with a team mate that has been having a hard time running outside in the heat.  Due to the injury my other team mate had sustained on the course, I took him with me too.  Inside on the track, I pushed them both to run.  A big part of me really wanted to help push them, make them run hard.  A small part of me was telling me that I was pushing them to push myself - because I needed to run.  I needed to run hard - but I wasn't going to leave them behind.  We finished the run session with both of them running harder and longer than they ever had before - and I walked back outside feeling completely refreshed, stress free, and like my life was back to normal. 

Wow, aren't you glad I only went to camp one night?  Think how long this post would of been if I had gone all three nights...LOL  OK, so that's the boot camp replay for the week.  If you live close to me, Monday night boot camp is having "buddy night".  I can take people with me (or meet them there) and they can work out with us TOTALLY FREE!!  So, if you've read my blog and wondered what it would be like to try it - here's your chance!!  Just write a comment here or visit me on my Facebook Page if you're interested.

Till next time.  ;)


  1. THANK YOU JOANN I LOVE YOU FOR THAT...................

  2. One thing I have to congratulate you on is the fact that you can do "Boot Camp." I cannot wait for the day that I am up to that. :-)


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