Monday, June 25, 2012

Bingo, Schmingo

This really pains me to tell you all.  Like rip out my heart pain.  Ending a relationship is tough, but I had to weigh my options and follow what my heart was telling me.  And, my heart says....

It's time for Bingo and I to break up.

Just for a while.

A Ross and Rachel kinda break.

If you've read my blog at all over the past couple of months, chances are you know how in love with Bingo I was.  I mean, the thought of going to the bingo hall, hanging out with all those people I didn't know, in the hopes of earning a quick buck?  Just pure joy to me.

But not anymore.

The last couple of times I've been, I've felt this awkwardness between Bingo and I.  Like we're forcing our relationship.  Number after number hurled at me - and not a single one of them on my cards.  It hurts.  There's no need for that kind of abuse.

Yesterday, I decided to give the relationship one last chance.

For EIGHT AND A HALF HOURS, I played bingo.  From 1:30 to 10pm.  And I didn't win a dang thing.  Didn't even get close enough to sweat or think I might win.

That was pure dedication on my part, but I got nothing back in return.  Which made it clear that we definitely both need our space away from each other.

Please don't feel sad for me.  I know I'll get through this.  It just means I need to start looking around for other opportunities in which to spend my free time.  Plenty of fish in the sea, right?

To start my healing process, I've planned a trip to the new museum today.  It's been open for a while, now, but I haven't got to go.  It's the first museum of it's kind in our area.  A real museum, with art and fancy old stuff in it.  Real swanky like.  I've decided the girls need some exposure to culture like that's what we're going to do.

The museum is also surrounded by some wonderful hiking trails.  Not sure how much hiking we'll do in 100 degree weather... but it will be nice to at least check the place out, so I have some ideas for places to go when the weather is back to my liking.  You know, like 40 degrees.

Butter is at my parent's house.  My brother and sister came and picked him up Saturday night.  My brother apparently missed Butter a lot, despite the.. urm... "issues" we had while my brother was away.

I'm happy.  Butter is not the kid that can sit around the house for any amount of time.  He needs to be out doing stuff - and my parent's house can provide all that he needs to tend to his lack of attention and patience.

This gives the girls and I time to hang out.  Go to the museum, have a little lunch, maybe go do some shopping.  We can have fun...while my heart heals over the loss of my bingo love.

And, I'm thinking tomorrow is the day I get my rear back to the gym!  No, it's not a rebound.  I'm not jumping from one place where I don't know anyone to another place I don't know anyone.  I just want the gym and I to be friends...nothing more.  Yet.  I plan on taking it slow, and see what develops.  M'kay?

Till next time. ;)

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