Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I Can Eat For Two Hours AND Lose Weight? WHAAAATTT??

Oh yes. Believe it. I have found a way to eat for two hours...with just a little break in the middle...and burn a ton of calories.

In fact, the more I ate...the more I sweated...the more I could feel my body aching... the more I could feel the weight melting away.

OK, so I guess I have to fess up about what it was that I was eating.

Wanna know?


No. I was not eating the weeds, as in putting them in my mouth and swallowing. Don't go rushing outside and grabbing handfuls of plants and start shoveling them in your mouth. You'll end up with a nasty taste in your mouth for nothing.

I was Weed-Eating. As in, with a weed-eater.

This is very sad for me to admit, but I have NEVER used a weed eater before today. Not once. I had no idea how heavy they were, how hard it was to maneuver one, and how great it felt to drip with sweat just by chopping down ugly weeds.

I had no idea that weed-eating would be so good for stress. As I whacked at the weeds, I could feel the stress melt away as the sweat dripped off of me. I actually really enjoyed it.

I'm loving discovering new exercise that takes me out of my comfort zone.

After I used the weed-eater for two hours, I went and push mowed for an hour. Another sad truth, but I've never used one of those before, either. I know, I must be a spoiled princess... but had I known how enjoyable it all was? I would have been doing it for years.

I'm sure Hubby is going to be thrilled to hear how much I want to get out and do some yard work when I get home.

So, changing the subject a little - it's Wednesday, which means it's weigh in day. Unfortunately, there was no change on the scale this morning.

I would rather have no change than a gain. I would have liked to see a little bit of a loss - but I am still working out a lot of kinks with my eating. I think if I stay on track this week, the scale should drop a little by next week.

My body is aching - and I love it. My arms ache, my legs ache.

There's just two more days until my parents come home. I just want everything to go smoothly between now and then. I want their house to be clean and perfect for them. That means plenty of exercise for me. I just know that I'm going to cry like a baby when I see my parents walk through the gate at the airport. I'm going to cry because I'm happy to see them, but also because it means I can finally go home.

OK, that's it for me today. My fingers even I'm done with typing.

Till next time. ;)


  1. Oh my word, how I hate yard work and everything having to do with it!! I give you so much credit for doing that for TWO hours! That is some hard ass work!

    Enjoy the soreness of a job well done! No change on the scale is better than a gain, that's fo'sho. I bet you will see a loss next week.

    1. Hey, don't forget the push mowing I did for another hour on top of the 2 hours I used the weed-eater...LOL

      I am definitely feeling it this morning - and LOVING IT!!

      There WILL be a loss on that scale next week.

  2. ha! we call that weed-whacking around here. This job was just newly assigned to our teenage son, and lemme tell ya, he's terrible at it. And he whines the whole time, too. Our yard never looked so bad since he's be in charge. Grrrr!!


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