Tuesday, June 12, 2012

True Confessions From Home

This time next week, I'll be sitting in the exact same spot - but won't have to worry about going back to my parent's house.  My time of taking care of extra kids will be over, and I'll be enjoying the beginning of my summer vacation.

Right now, I'm temporarily enjoying time at home.  Just a trip for the day so that I could take care of a few things...and bring Katniss home, finally.  And I figured that while I'm here, I could enjoy writing my blog post on my laptop.  The way it should be done.

It's Tuesday, so it's time for some confessions...

I confess that I was really excited about my parents coming home on Friday - until we had an emergency with one of the laptops this morning...and I am not looking forward to telling my mom about.  Not one bit.  The screen is completely screwed - and we have no idea why.  It looks as though it's been dropped, but I know that hasn't happened.  It's got a nasty black spot on it, and the screen just shows up white.  I'm hoping with all my might that my parents bought the extra warranty.  I do not want to be held liable for replacing a laptop - especially since I have no idea how it got broke in the first place.

I confess that sitting in my office is making me itch to start sorting stuff for my classroom.  Boxing up all the books and supplies that I've been hoarding collecting over the past few years is going to feel amazing.  Not only will it get my new classroom off to a great start, but it will clear out TONS of room in our already cramped office.

I confess that I haven't been out walking every day.  In fact I didn't go out Sunday or yesterday.  Sunday I have no excuse for.  Yesterday I was cleaning.  Still not a good excuse. I'm not counting Saturday - because I got plenty of exercise while in the pool.

I confess that house hunting - or at least the house hunting process - has become my new hobby.  Looking into what I need to do, credit stuff, and areas that I would consider moving is all I've been doing.  Hubby is less than thrilled...more like down-right against it.  Although, I really don't think he knows how time consuming house buying can be.  He may want to wait a while - but the whole process could take months.  How much more time do we need to wait? 

I confess that I can't wait to get my booty back in to a swimming pool.  I had so much fun on Saturday.  I got in some great exercise while enjoying myself the whole time.  Just a few more days. Sigh.

I confess that I bought some new tank tops last week, and I actually like the way I look in them.  I'm not a big fan of tight clothing, nowadays, but these aren't that bad.  I bought bright colors - which I was a little nervous about - but they make me feel pretty cheerful.  I also bought a new dress - but I haven't tried that on yet.

I confess that I'm just so ready to get back my normal life.  Sleeping in my own bed, sitting at my own computer, going back to Hubby being the one that cooks.  This summer has blown big horse manure chunks so far - and I'm just ready to enjoy the time I have off. 

I confess that I'm also ready to get back to being able to go to the gym.  The amount of times I've been sitting at my parent's house and wishing I could just jump in the car and go to the gym to pound out some frustration.  Plus, I could take advantage of the free personal training that my gym offers.  Before, the PT hours were never available when I could be there.  Now, I have all the time in the world...well, for the next 6 weeks or so.  That's plenty of time to get some decent training in - and come up with some solid plans. 

I confess that this past three and a half weeks have definitely shone some light on how I need to stop agreeing to do stuff that I don't want to do.  I never really wanted to live at my parents for four weeks and take care of the extra kids.  I did it because I thought it was my duty of being a good daughter.  While I truly believe that my parents needed this vacation - I didn't need the added stress that came with it.  I'm going to have to start putting my big girl pants on in the future and know that it's OK to say no.

Alright...time to go.

Till next time. ;)


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  1. Once my husband stepped on my laptop and smashed the screen. I was so pissed. We ordered a new screen and everything was fine. Maybe that will do the trick for ya?

    I love to look at houses, too, but it's just depressing for me right now because we can't afford anything new!! :( :( one day!!!!! You are manifesting your new house dream to come true!!

    Being able to say NO is so, so hard but sometimes so, so necessary. Put yourself first when ya can!


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