Tuesday, June 19, 2012

True Confessions Tuesday

It's Tuesday, so you all know what that means.  Well, maybe not all of you.  If you're new, you might not know that each Tuesday I get on here and make a list of confessions.  It covers all the things I probably shouldn't have done, things I should have done but didn't, and other stuff that I feel the need to share or say something about.  It goes a little something like this...

I confess that I'm pretty nervous about the summer camp classes I'm teaching this week that start TODAY.  In a little over a couple of hours, actually.  I got all of my notes written on my iPad yesterday, and so I feel a little more organized - but still nervous.  Which is really funny, being that I'm going to be a teacher in a couple of months.  But this is different, because it's 8 different classes of age groups, I'm teaching a topic I've only ever had personal experience with rather than proper training, and I don't know any of the kids or the people I'll be working with.  Except Sanity.  That part makes it all worth it.

I confess that I never in a million years thought I'd be spending four days of my summer break getting up at 5:30am.  I'd almost forgotten what this felt like.  I'm not as tired as I thought I'd be - yet.  But, the house is silent, my coffee smells and tastes wonderful, and my mind is clear.  I now remember why I enjoyed this time so much when I was getting up so early each morning before going to work.

I confess that I'm not wearing any make-up today.  I would never normally go to any job without putting a layer of make-up on, but I figure if I'm going to have kids outside running around in the heat... I better prepare myself to join them.  Me plus heat plus make-up equals one hot mess.  I'm going to go for an all natural look, and hope I can get away with it.  For the sake of the children, they don't need to see what I look like sweaty WITH make-up running down my face.  I think it's comparable with watching a wax figure melt in a fire.  I don't want to give those poor kids nightmares.

I confess that I had a really good session with Therapy Dude and Butter, yesterday.  We confronted a lot of issues.  I was able to let out some of my frustration.  Therapy Dude ensured me that I'm doing all of the right stuff, and it was completely normal to feel the way I've been feeling.  Phew, that's always a relief to hear from a therapist.  He also thinks that Butter's recent behaviors are pretty normal considering the amount of stress we've all been under.  Leave old school, move away for a month, prepare for new school.  It's a lot.  We're going to have a few extra visits this month, just to give Butter more time to work through some of his issues.  And mine.

I confess that I spent several hours yesterday starting the cataloging and packing up of my books ready for my classroom.  It's a lot more time consuming than just throwing the books in to a box.  I have to stamp each book with my name, catalog them in to my online library program, and write down the AR reading level in each book.  After about three hours, I packed just over 100 books.  There's only about 400 more to go.  Good thing I started when I did, I might actually be finished by the time I go back to work.

I confess that I love the fact that Katniss, my kitten, is curled up underneath my desk in her bed.  Only because Hubby said that she wouldn't sleep in a bed.  Nor would she sleep in the bed when it's under my desk.  He made sure to inform me that cats aren't as loyal as dogs are.  She won't follow me around or sleep with me or keep me company when I'm sitting here typing.  Really, Hubby?  Well, here's the proof...

I confess that having Katniss has really helped fill the hole I've felt since Asia left.  I know I haven't said much about that.  Only because it's really been too difficult.  I still have trouble when I get home from somewhere, and she's not there waiting for me by the door.  I know she's doing well with her new family, but it's still hard.  Thankfully, Katniss does all of the things Hubby said she probably wouldn't do - and then some.  One of my favorites being curling up in bed with me at night.  She sleeps exactly how Asia used to - right up against my back.  It's also a huge bonus that Hubby actually likes Katniss.  They get along very well, actually.  Having an animal Hubby likes is huge.

I confess that I ate better yesterday.  Still not perfect, but better.  It's something that will get some encouragement this week while I'm working.  Being that this entire week of camp is dedicated to cooking, eating, and nutrition - I might actually learn a thing or two.  Plus, I've made sure to add 30 minutes of outside activity to the lesson plan.  I'll admit, that part is for my own benefit.  I figure why not kill two birds with one stone.  I want to get in some exercise and I have to teach the kids the importance of staying hydrated while they play.  Might as well come up with a good way to demonstrate that.

I confess that I probably need to get my behind in gear.  I have quite a drive a head of me - and no idea what traffic is going to be like.  I better give myself extra time to get there... which means it's time for confessions to be over.

Till next time. ;)

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  1. Glad you and Butter had a good session with Therapy Dude yesterday. You are really lucky to have someone who works so well with both of you.

    Sorry you are missing Asia so much :( But I'm glad that Katniss is making you & hubby happy! That's good news.

    Best of luck teaching your nutrition class. Can't wait to read about how it goes tomorrow!


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