Saturday, June 23, 2012

Friday's Letters... On Saturday


So, the last couple of weeks, Draz has started doing something a little different on Fridays.  Usually, she does Bring Your Own Crazy.  And I really liked it.  But, now she's been trying something different...and I really like it, too.  It's called Friday's Letters.  They are linked up by another blogger over at Adventures of Newlyweds

I've actually done these before.  It's been a while now, but the few times I did them - I had a great time.  It's a way to get some stuff off my chest by writing short letters.  Here, I'll show you...

Dear Weather Man... When you tell me that there's a cold front coming through the area and now the temperature will be 90 instead of 95, you need your eyeballs poked out with a pencil.  The definition of a cold front should be that the temps will drop drastically - and will offer some relief to those people (like me) that hate hot, humid weather.  You should be ashamed about getting people's hopes up.

Dear Karma/Universe/Whatever you are... Thanks for showing me once again how I should stop doubting myself and be grateful for what I have.  I received your signals loud and clear, and know what I'm supposed to be doing.

Dear Honesty... There are a few people that have been desperately missing your company.  I think you know who I'm talking about.  It feels like you're slacking on your job just a little - and you need to make a few house calls.  Pronto!  Maybe host a seminar about giving people the truth, even though it's not what they want to hear.  I can't speak for all people, but I know I'd much rather hear the truth.  So, get on that for me - m'kay?

Dear Scale... I hate you.  You are the devil.  That is all.

Dear Creators of Magic Mike... You are freakin' geniuses!  No, I haven't seen the movie, yet, but I know that it will be awesome.  Oscar worthy, even.  Any time you put Channing Tatum on the big screen and allow him to strip his clothes off, the skies open up and the angels rejoice.  You can bet your bottom dollar my behind will be front and center when this piece or artistic magic opens on the big screen.

Dear Apple... Please work on adding a Photoshop feature to FaceTime.  I love that I'm now able to see people when they call me - but when those people call me at 8am, I don't want to look like the creature from the Black Lagoon.  An addition that allows me to add a quick touch-up of make-up and lay down the bush that is my hair would work wonders.   I know.  The idea is incredible, and you can't believe you didn't think of it yourselves.  You're welcome.

Dear Version of Me While I Was At My Parent's House.... Why didn't you come home with me?  I thought we had the discussion that being I had turned into a Domestic Goddess, you would come back to my house and help me be that way here.  You weren't supposed to ditch me the minute my parent's car pulled in the driveway.  This house isn't going to get clean if you're not here, I know it.  Get your booty back to me.  My house needs it.

Dear Clothing Makers... There should be some standards about size.  I know there aren't any because one pair of size 18 pants will fit me perfectly, while a different brand of size 18s won't even get over my big behind.  It's not fair.  Do you know that messing with consumers like that has drastic effects to our self-esteem?  There needs to be some mandates or laws or something that depicts certain measurements for certain sizes.  Meaning I can buy whatever brand of pants I want - and if they are size 18, they will all fit me or not fit me.  I know, I know - there are different body types and measurements for people... but how about coming up with a way to fix that problem instead of stamping a number on everything that means something different to every single person that puts them on?  Just saying.  

Dear Jelly... I know that being at home during the summer is tough on you.  But, that doesn't mean you get to empty out every toy box and drawer of toys that you own, and scatter thousands of toys around the living room.  I'm not sure if you're trying your own daycare make-over, but it's getting a little old.  Pick up your stuff, already!

Dear Bingo Balls at the Bingo Hall... I'm coming to see you tomorrow, so do a girl a favor and come out in the order that will help me win big.  Or little.  I don't care.  Win something, that better?  You haven't been very nice to me AT ALL the past few times I've been to see you.  I'm not sure what I did or said to upset you, but I'm sorry.  Let's be friends again, best friends, k?

Dear Sanity and Hope... I am so freakin' excited about our Girls' Night Out tonight.  Pinky promise me that we won't wait months and months before we do it again.  Especially since I will be working in a different state.  I think we MUST go back to at least once a month.   Be prepared to swear an oath in blood tonight.  Just kidding.  Or am I?

And that's it.  That's all I've got.  But, that was tons of fun.

If you want to link up and do your own Friday's Letters - on Saturday - you can click the picture and do it.  Come on, you know you've got a few things that deserve a nice, friendly note.

Now, I'm going to enjoy a relaxing Saturday.

Till next time. ;)


  1. I am totally with you on the pants sizes! I was whining about the very same thing a few months back. There really needs to be some standard. I had 1 pair of jeans that fit, so I went to the store to buy 1 more pair to hold me until I got down to the next size. Anyway I figured if I bought the same brand and the same cut I would be the same size. Nope. It varies even within the ame brand. It was 2 whole months before I could wear those jeans!

  2. Love all of these. I was getting sick of BYOC so I figured everyone else was too! LOL


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